Pretty Good Sports

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Mock Draft O.T.Y.

Brendt Pates      04/23

The most superior mock draft for the 2019 professional American football season ever made in the history of mankind by either sentient being or human being.

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2018 NBA Free Agency in Review

Brendt Pates      07/25

Breaking down each teams transactions this offseason

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Mid-season 2018 NBA Mock Draft

Brendt Pates      01/26

Predicting the outcome of this years NBA Draft.

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Lions Go Head (coach) Hunting

Brendt Pates      01/02

Breaking down the Detroit Lions coaching search.

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NBA Finals Game 5 Recap: They Are Who We Thought They Were

Brendt Pates      06/13

Recapping the events in Game 5 that led to the Warriors being crowned.

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NBA Finals Game 3 Recap: Can't Wait for these Finals Aaaaaand itís Over

Brendt Pates      06/08

Last night, Kevin Durant went to his shed, grabbed the biggest hammer he owns, drove down to the cemetary, stood right above the Cavaliers coffin, and hammered that last nail down the city of Clevelandís throats.

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NBA Finals Game 2 Recap: Oakland Parade Planners Meet at 8 Tomorrow

Brendt Pates      06/05

Steve Kerr coming out in the Paul Pierce wheelchair, JR keeps dead skunks in his locker, and free tacos are afoot.

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NBA Finals Game 1 Recap: Warrriorrrrs

Brendt Pates      06/02

Last Night during Game 1, the Golden State Warriors proved to everyone what we already suspected, which is that they are skilled at playing the sport of basketball. Also Klay and JR might be chiefiní before the game together.

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B-Scoots 2017 First Round Mock

Brendt Pates      04/19

A very insightful mock draft that will probably be wrong