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PGH Sports State of Emergency Pt 2

Gritty Sports Talk      01/02

State of Emergency Pt 2

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JMU football KWL chart ft CoolbawSports

Gritty Sports Talk      09/21

If you don't care about JMU football, don't listen to this podcast. Special guest and former JMU football color commentator Adam Coolbaw joins Ryan for a JMU breakdown in the form of an ole fashion KWL chart.

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NFL Season Preview

Gritty Sports Talk      09/06

Season 4 of Gritty Sports Talk premieres with a full breakdown of every division in the NFL and who will win them. Josh and Ryan do a live weekly fantasy draft in the Draft app with instant analysis from Intern Joe.

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Talking Soccer Feat: James Reese & Intern Joe

Gritty Sports Talk      06/13

The Gritty Sports podcast takes on the 2018 FIFA World Cup, knockout stage predictions, and we give out our predictions for the tournaments top awards.

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Champions Only

Gritty Sports Talk      06/10

The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions but we start off with getting the Warriors sweep out of the way because who cares. Our thots on new Kanye and Cudi are included for free.

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Ketchup and Beef

Gritty Sports Talk      06/01

Ketchup with us, the Drake and Pusha beef, sixers twitter beef, the Stanley Cup Final and NBA Finals.

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Off-brand Newlyweds

Gritty Sports Talk      05/17

NHL and NBA playoffs recap, NFL rookies newlywed game, and a lot of other things because we missed each other.

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The Witch is Dead ft CoolbawSports

Gritty Sports Talk      05/11

The Caps cut the head off their first demon, what went well for the Caps and didn't go well for the Pens, a preview of the Western Conference Finals and the Patent Pending Gritty Finish.

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Draft Day, Broadway Baker

Gritty Sports Talk      04/25

Top 5 mock draft, NFL draft Tinder, our team wish lists, and a brief NHL round 1 recap.

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2018 NFL Mock Draft

Ryan Rutherford      04/25

The most correct mock draft

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N(BA)HL Playoff Happenings

Gritty Sports Talk      04/19

Your full and complete almanac for the NBA and NHL playoffs. Then the Gritty Finish ends in a rap argument.

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Masters Preview

Gritty Sports Talk      04/05

Analysis and predictions for the 2018 Masters tournament.

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March Sadness and MLB Overreactions

Gritty Sports Talk      04/03

Villanova won and we should've all seen it coming, Ryan has one of the worst brackets in the world, and Adam Eaton might hit 100 HRs along with other MLB overreactions.

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Beer Bracket 2018

Gritty Sports Talk      03/25

A special beer-based March Madness bracket podcast.

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T-Pain 2020

Gritty Sports Talk      03/15

A heavy dosage of March Madness and NFL Free Agency from the first official T-Pain fandom podcast

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2013 Louisville National Title Recap

Gritty Sports Talk      02/23

We vacate pretty much everything in the world after Louisville lost their title (ends at 31:00), NBA, NHL, and the *PATENT PENDING* Gritty Finish.

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Seattle Superbabyweiners

Gritty Sports Talk      02/14

Daytona 500 and Olympic hockey preview, catching up in the NBA, overrated/underrated Valentines Day stuff/ Lebron teammates, and a lot of side tracking.

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The Year is 0 PSN (Pats Suck Now)

Gritty Sports Talk      02/07

The Pats are dead! Full Super Bowl recap, Philly QB controversy, the Redskins muddy the Cousins waters again, what the hell is wrong with the Cavs, and are the Wizards better without Wall.

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Fish Bowl, Super Bowl

Gritty Sports Talk      02/02

The first publicly available episode of the 3rd season of Gritty Sports Talk. If you don't care about the Super Bowl or the Alex Smith trade, don't bother.

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Clevane Gillespie puts Richmond area landscapers on notice

Ryan Rutherford      09/07

Local Redskin's fan is challenging players and coaches to visit his yard/shrine

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Nick Saban is actually (maybe) the Devil

Gritty Sports Talk      08/20

Last podcast of the Summer so we gave Mediocre Fantasy Football Advice and our NFL predictions, McGregor/Mayweather, and Overrated/ Underrated, and the Gritty Finish.

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Birds Eating Birds

Gritty Sports Talk      07/28

Its what you wanted, so we tried NFL Training Camp coverage, Overrated/ underrated and the gritty finish but we got distracted a lot.

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From Worst to First: A Comeback Story (RIP Tyler Smith)

Gritty Sports Talk      07/12

MLB 2nd half predictions, Pretty good fantasy football wide receiver advice, overrated/underrated summer traditions and sports rivalries, plus the Gritty Finish (plus S&H) AND GET US TO 200 VIEWS FOR A REWARD

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The Ballad of Josh and Ryan: The Zen Master Robs New York

Gritty Sports Talk      06/29

NBA Draft recap, MLB Midseason Report, Overrated/ Underrated with rappers and NFL coaches, and of course a gritty finish. Missing Person's Alert for Tyler Smith- please contact Middletown Police Department

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Country Billy

Gritty Sports Talk      06/20

NBA offseason preview, NHL Expansion Draft, and the beginning of extremely mediocre/loose cannon Fantasy football advice.

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Gritty Sports Talk- Bentley Coupe Spaceship ft. Tatum Tots

Gritty Sports Talk      06/14

Will has a wasabi pea/sports art business, NBA Finals & Stanley Cup recaps, NHL expansion draft, overrated/underrated, and the Gritty Finish.

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New Season, New Me

Gritty Sports Talk      05/23

NHL and NBA playoffs with made up results for Cavs-Celtics and Pens-Sens. Why Popovich is OVERRATED . and of course the Gritty Finish.

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Nick Saban is Actually the Terminator ft. Tatum Tots

Gritty Sports Talk      12/29

College Football playoffs, NFL MVPs, and peaking in on Fantasy Football 2017

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One Legged Drunk, Down and Out

Ryan Rutherford, Tyler Smith, Josh Wagner, John Harrell      12/29

Week 15 NFL recap, playoff contenders and pretenders, Skins-Panthers preview, JMU in the FCS title game, NEW SEGMENT ALERT-TYLERS TAKES, and a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with anything