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Lonzo Ball Scouting Report

Meade Considine

Lonzo Ball

Point Guard, UCLA, Freshman

Age: 19.6
Height: 6'6"
Wingspan: 6'7"
Weight: 190
NBA Skill-Set Comparison: Shaun Livingston
Best Case Comparison: Rajon Rondo

6'6" Point Guard, can see, pass, and shoot over smaller guards. Played fast-paced game in college, will translate well to NBA. Rare feel for the game and instincts, architect of #1 offense in NCAA. Great anticipation on both ends of the court. Elite passer and playmaker. Has ability to play off the ball. NBA range. Great tough-shot maker.

Not a good creator of offense in the half-court, below average pick-n-roll ball handler. Inconsistent slasher/cutter. Shys away from physical defense. Streaky shooter (67% free throw shooter), takes a lot of tough shots. Instinctual defender, but lacks most other defensive skills.