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Josh Jackson Scouting Report

Meade Considine

Josh Jackson

Forward, Kansas, Freshman

Age: 20.3
Height: 6'8"
Wingspan: 6'10"
Weight: 200
NBA Skill-Set Comparison: Andrew Wiggins
Best Case Comparison: Andre Iguodala

Pure NBA-level athlete in terms of twitch and explosiveness, plays above the rim. High-energy player (2.9 offensive rebounds per 40 minutes). Not elite anywhere on offense, but extremely versatile: can pass, cut, shoot, and dribble at an acceptable level. Equally versatile on defense, can do everything and guard a lot of positions.

Inconsistent shooter (56.6% at free throw line). Can't create shots for himself or others against bigger defenders (there will be bigger defenders in the NBA). Is not very long or strong for his size which could limit his ability to play the 4 at the next level. Has to attend anger management classes, bit of a hot head on the court as well as off the court.