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Jayson Tatum Scouting Report

Meade Considine

Jayson Tatum

Forward, Duke, Freshman

Age: 19.2
Height: 6'8"
Wingspan: 6'11"
Weight: 204
NBA Skill-Set Comparison: Rudy Gay, 32-year-old Carmelo Anthony
Best Case Comparison: Paul Pierce

Lots of high-level experience in high school and Team USA, professional personality and work ethic, ready to be an instant impact scorer. Prototypical modern NBA forward in terms of physical profile. Natural scorer from everywhere, especially advanced in the high post. Capable passer and cutter. Great feel for the game, could turn into a plus defender and a decent rebounder at the next level.

Forces too many possessions into isolations, takes a lot of contested shots. Not a comfortable playmaker even when being guarded by NCAA 4s. Not very explosive. A lot of his college success may be outcome of being guarded by NCAA 4s (will be guarded by NBA wings). Streaky shooter. Inconsistent defender, doesn't move very well laterally.