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76ers NBA Draft Board

Austin Vershel

1.) Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz Scouting Report

Barring a trade up, there is 0% chance that the Sixers will land this years #1 prospect Markelle Fultz. His game compares favorably to Kyrie Irving, who has been a great success since being selected first by Cleveland. Fultz has great size at 6'4 with a 6'10 wingspan. He enters the league weighing over 20 lbs more than Kyrie Irving did during his rookie season, and he looks like he still has room to fill out his frame. Fultz is a dominating offensive playmaker with great vision, passing, and a jumper that looks pretty and has room to improve. The Sixers have a lack of talent at point guard, and Fultz would come in and instantly make a huge difference for the 76ers.

2.) Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball Scouting Report

The draft really starts with the Lakers at the second overall pick. General consensus is that new GM Magic Johnson will select Lonzo Ball - the UCLA product and LA native. Ball is one of the best offensive non-scoring playmakers to enter the league in a while. Ball sees the game 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Ball is said to struggle with his jumper, but still hit 35% from 3 in his collegiate season. The theoretical fit of Ball in Philly is questionable. Ben Simmons offers similar court vision and passing to Ball, and that could cause for a crowded, non-spaced court. That being said, if Ball falls to the Sixers pick the franchise is sure to select him. He is the clear second best prospect in this class, and would be a potential cornerstone for the franchise even with his questionable fit.

3.) Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson Scouting Report

Josh Jackson is an elite 2-way prospect. Or at least, his potential is. Jackson is one of the best defenders in this class and has a ton of upside to his offensive game. Jackson would be a great fit in Philly, as he could play guard and forward. His questionable offensive game could create spacing issues in Philly. That being said, a front court of Jackson, Simmons, and Embiid is a scary matchup for opposing teams, and a promising thought for the long suffering 76ers fans. Jackson should be the pick if the Lakers do select Lonzo.

4.) De'Aaron Fox

De'Aaron Fox Scouting Report

Except for Markelle Fultz, De'Aaron Fox offers the best fit at point guard for Philidelphia. Fox has great speed when dribbling the ball, and he is a slasher with the capability to create his own shots as well as drive-and-dish. Fox dominated Ball in their lone matchup of the season, and Fox's stock has been rising ever since as a result. There is chatter of him being selected by the Lakers at 2, but he certainly won't fall past Sacramento at 5. Fox could be the long term solution at point guard, and his offensive game would be a great fit in the city of brotherly love.

5.) Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum Scouting Report

Jayson Tatum is one of the better shooters in this class. This makes him attractive to Philly because, well, they lack shooters. Ben Simmons is a great creator and Embiid showed that he can be dominant as a stretch 5, but teams learned to quickly collaps on Embiid as the thought of him kicking the ball out to Robert Covington does not exactly scare opponents. Tatum could instantly fill in at the shooting guard position next to Ben Simmons, and could even kick to small forward in small ball situations. Tatum is one of the more accurate 3 point shooters in this class, which would grant the 76ers some much needed offensive spacing. Tatum is a solid fit, but would be a bit of a reach at #3 overall.

6.) Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac Scouting Report

Long gone are the days of a Philidelphia front court logjam. Nerlens Noel has been shipped to Dallas, while Ilysova was sent to Atlanta and Okafor is on his way out next. Philidelphia needs to find a long-term running mate for Joel Embiid in the front court. Isaac is raw, but offers more theoretical upside than nearly everyone in the class. He has got great size at 6'10 and makes an impact on both offense and defense. With the league transitioning to a small ball style of play, his fit next to Embiid is not perfect. However, Isaacs potential superstardom could lead to the Sixers bucking the small ball trend. This move would relegate Dario Saric to the bench which would improve their depth. Overall, Philly would be better suited finding a guard with long range shooting ability.

7.) Malik Monk

Malik Monk Scouting Report

Malik Monk makes the most sense on paper. He is a great shooter at the 2 position, which is something that Philly desperately needs. The Sixers simply cannot roll out next season with Sauce Castillo as their starting 2. However, in todays position-less NBA, Monks impact would be more theoretical than pratical. His small wingspan will give many teams pause as he will likely never be an adequate NBA defender. Monks best role is a rotational spot shooter, which does not warrant selection at #3 overall. If the Sixers feel comfortable enough with what they think Monk can become, then they may consider taking him that early. A better solution to come away with Monk is to trade back with the Kings and get their 2 top 10 picks, and maybe unload Okafor as well.