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Jarrett Allen Scouting Report

Meade Considine

Jarrett Allen

Big, Texas, Freshman

Age: 19.1
Height: 6'10"
Wingspan: 7'5"
Weight: 224
NBA Skill-Set Comparison: Joffrey Lauvergne
Best Case Comparison: Al Horford

Great hair. Good potential for a role player with swag early in his career. Massive length (9'2" standing reach), probably the quickest & most agile big in the draft. Could become a rim protector that also has the ability to switch onto guards (immensely valuable in today's NBA). Decent rebounder. Can catch and shoot from the mid-range. Great footwork and decent touch around the rim.

People "question his motor." Could affect his defensive ability as well as his rebounding potential. Doesn't embrace contact. Showed a lack of consistency offensively, won't be able to stretch to the 3 point line early in his career. Doesn’t have any stand out abilites.