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Lauri Markkanen Scouting Report

Meade Considine

Lauri Markkanen

Big, Arizona/Finland, Freshman

Age: 20.1
Height: 7'0"
Wingspan: N/A
Weight: 225
NBA Skill-Set Comparison: Channing Frye
Best Case Comparison: Poor Man's Dirk

Might be the best shooter in the draft (42.3% from 3). Comes off screens and moves like a guard, truly natural shooting stroke. Quick feet for a 7-footer on both ends. Praised as a uniquely great teammate and hardworker. Lots of experience for his age playing at a high level of basketball (Finland).

Not a capable defender at any position, limited upside given his instincts and small frame for his size. Not a great rebounder for the same reasons. He's a great shooter and he's 7 feet tall, but is he much more than that?