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2018 NBA Free Agency Predictions

Austin Vershel

10.) Kawhii Leonard

Traded. Probably not to a Western conference team... But who in the East has the assets that the Lakers do? Philly is not likely to part with its young core. Are RoCo and Saric enough, in addition to the Miami pick? If Pop is willing to let Kawhii stay in the west, Lakers should be the clear favorites. In the east, I expect the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers to make a play for the superstar.

9.) Restricted Free Agents

Clint Capela and Jabari Parker stay with their teams. Julius Randle gets traded.

8.) JJ Redick

Probably signs with the Nets.

7.) Aaron Gordon

I expect the Magic to attempt a sign-and-trade with Gordon to a team like the Nets or Pacers.

6.) DeAndre Jordan

After the free agency saga a few years ago between Jordan, the Clippers, and the Mavericks, I think Jordan finally goes to Dallas for a max contract.

5.) DeMarcus Cousins

DC to DC. Cousins fit with the Wizards is so perfect. Cousins is probably most likely to stay in New Orleans, however.

4.) Chris Paul

Re-ups with HTown.

3.) Paul George

Signs with the Lakers, the worst kept secret in basketball.

2.) Kevin Durant

The reason I am not confident the Wizards will sign DeMarcus Cousins is because I think they have another superstar in mind. Is this the year KD comes home?

1.) Lebron James

Lebrawn Jaymes. Will he stay or will he go? He will go. Probably (definitely?) to the Lakers. Sixers are a darkhorse...