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2016-17 NBA Bold Predictions

Austin Vershel

Thanks for riding with me so far. My bold predictions thus far have been a little…. too bold. I’m looking to rebound here after getting 0 correct in the MLB draft predictions and only 1 correct in the NBA predictions. So without further ado, here are my BOLD predictions for this NBA season..

Damian Lillard(or someone) for MVP
This season former MVP Kevin Durant and reigning MVP Steph Curry have joined up, and all-time great Lebron James has allowed his teammates to take the reigns during this regular season. It is reasonable to conclude that another top team will produce this seasons Most Valuable Player. Look for Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard or Trailblazers point guard Baby Dame Dolla to win the award (also, maybe KAT?).

Joel EmbRookiiOfTheYeariid
Is that a good pun? Let me know. With Simmons out and Ingram and Dunn underperforming, Buddy Heild is The Process’ only competition.

Demarc it down, Cousins getting traded.
I’m getting carried away. Just like Demarcus Cousins (Kings center) when he gets shipped off to another city.

I want the Champ
Time make you older and ballplayers get older. Look for an outside team to win the championship this year besides the incumbent Cavs or the favorited Warriors.

Wizards rebound to make playoffs
Pretty much can mark this down as a loss already. But I have a gut feeling and my gut never lies.