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2018 Draft Ideas

Albert Matthes


Like: Baker Mayfield

Very accurate. Accused of being immature, and has been questioned as having a "facade" of confidence, but if I\'m the Jets at number 3 and Rosen and Darnold are off the board, I would definitely roll the dice on this guy. People compare him to Johnny Manziel, but hes just a short white guy who is a little out-spoken off the field.

Dislike: Josh Allen

I would love if Josh Allen was good, but big arm prospects who are inaccurate don\'t inspire me. Huge reward if you can get this guy to sit for a year. I heard that "If tom brady was behind Wyomings O-line and throwing to their receivers that he would have the same stats" but that is a 500 degrees farenheight take.

O Line:

Like: Isiah Wynn

I think he\'s super super solid. People are obsessed with Quenton Nelson, and rightfully so, but Wynn is not a bad consolation prize. Better O-line prospect than anybody in the 2017 class.


Like: DJ Moore

I think he will be a sure-fire first round pick, and the best WR in the class. He works hard and has the "it" factor. Better than Ridley and Sutton. Played with awful QB\'s in college and still popped out on tape. Rare case of a guy who will be better in NFL than in college.



Derrius Guice

Everybody likes this guy but I love him. Not as hyped as his former backfield-mate Leonard Fournette, but if you gave me the choice I would rather have Guice.


Like: Roquan Smith

Instincts all day. Football Player. When you watch any Georgia game this year you see this guy fly to the ball on almost every play. Definitely a guy I want on my team.


Vita Vea

Huge Vita Vea fan. He\'s a rare D-line prospect, and I don\'t think there has been a player like him come out in the last 5 years. "Generational."