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NFL Mock Draft: 4/20

Kyle Kunert

Round 1

  1. Cleveland Browns: Josh Allen QB Wyoming

    I honestly hope this is just some smokescreen leading up to the draft, but signs point towards the Browns taking Josh Allen. Thankfully, they do have Tyrod Taylor he can sit behind for a bit, but Taylor's health have never been his best trait. Allen has potential, but his accuracy and experience is a big issue and he needs to sit for at least a season before he is ready or he'll just turn into another Blake Bortles. I do understand why they are making the pick though since he resembles a big body like Big Ben and Joe Flacco whom in division have had a lot of success. He also resembles Carson Wentz who they poorly traded away and now have FOMO over. All in all at least it's a quarterback, but I think it's the wrong one.

  2. New York Giants: Sam Darnold QB USC

    Again, a team is winning off of the Brown's stupidity by landing the better quarterback here. Darnold is the top option with his high ceiling, leadership, arm, size, accuracy, and being a sponge in the practice room. Not to say Allen is not, but Darnold has just all the components that make a quarterback great. Landing here is perfect for him to sit behind Eli Manning to learn from one of the best pros on how to be a great pro in the NFL.

  3. New York Jets: Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma

    I think the Jets are going to go be the Jets and make the wrong move by drafting Baker Mayfield. Not to say he cannot play or anything, I just do not see any upside. He is short, but comparing him to either Drew Brees or Russell Wilson is not correct at all. Mayfield is nowhere near as accurate as Brees or intelligent in looking at a defense. Nor is he as athletic as Wilson. If anything he is closer to Case Keenum if anything. Plus, he comes with some emotional baggage that can blow up on a bad Jets team under New York's bright lights. Hopefully, Josh McCown can mentor him on reigning in his emotions.

  4. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley RB Penn St

    The Browns have their cake and eat it too here by getting their quarterback and running back for the next five years or more. Barkley is a great player who should be a plug and play 100 yards a game type of player. However, I worry about his strength and decision making. He had the most carries of negative yardage in the country last season and hardly ever went of 25 touches a game. Barkley is not the bell cow type back like Zeke Elliott is and more so a bigger version of Reggie Bush in my opinion. Which, makes me think he is not as much of a lock to be a great player like many think.

  5. Denver Broncos: Bradley Chubb DE/OLB N.C. State

    The Broncos can certainly move up or down depending on what quarterback they want or if he is off the board already. I think they really like Mayfield and if he is off the board they could move. However, a generational pass rusher in Bradley Chubb is sitting here and a pairing with Von Miller is just too good to pass up. The two would help out their weaker secondary without Aqib Talib and give them a safety net if say they cut Miller in a few years for some salary cap space.

  6. Indianapolis Colts: Traded to the Buffalo Bills - Josh Rosen QB UCLA

    Trade Alert!!! The Bills give up their 12th, 22nd, and 56th pick of this year and a 2nd rounder next year to move up to the 6th pick. I think the Bills goofed by not making the move the Jets made since now come draft day teams will know they are desperate to move up for a quarterback. Allowing a smart team like the Colts and Chris Ballard to have them over a barrel getting all the picks they want. Just look at what the Chiefs and Texans gave up last year to move up for a quarterback. Josh Rosen is a very high floor quarterback with the best natural skill in the draft. His health is more concerning to me than his brash attitude. If he stays healthy and bulks up a bit I can see him being in the same vein as Jared Goff if not better.

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Denzel Ward CB Ohio St

    The Bucs could go with Nelson, Ward, or one of the safeties here, but I have them taking Ward here. Not only is corner a harder position to find quality players at. It is also a very shallow position in this draft with many poor quality players after the top few. They desperately need an upgrade over the disappointing Vernon Hargreaves and a future heir apparent to the elder Brent Grimes.

  8. Chicago Bears: Traded to the Miami Dolphins - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville

    Trade Alert!!! The Dolphins give up their 11th, 42nd, and 73rd picks in this draft and a 2nd rounder next season for the 8th pick. The Bears could stay here nabbing Quenton Nelson, but they have more needs than just guard so moving down makes a lot of sense. Plus, the Dolphins cannot sit tight watching their divisional rivals land their future franchise signal callers while they are stuck with Ryan Tannehill. Adam Gase is not long for Miami if he has another disappointing season so drafting a quarterback for him to groom can gain him an extra season or two. Jackson is a raw quarterback, but has a ton more upside than Tannehill and could fit well in Gase's system.

  9. San Francisco 49ers: Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame

    The 49ers would probably be open to trading down, too. However, the Bears pulled the trigger in front of them. Granted they can land Nelson here, but as another young rebuilding team they would prefer more picks. Adding Nelson would give them three former first round guards along with Josh Garnett, and Laken Tomlinson. Nelson would be a major upgrade over them and give Jimmy Garoppolo him another stud blocker to go with Joe Staley.

  10. Oakland Raiders: Derwin James S Florida St

    The Raiders are another team who can trade down since they need a ton of defensive help, but I doubt they pull the trigger. Especially, with them looking to make big splash moves to build up hype as they move to Vegas. They really do not need to spend another valuable pick on a safety, but Karl Joseph has yet to bloom and their former second rounder Obi Melifonwu cannot stay healthy in his first year. James would be a huge upgrade with an amazing upside thanks to his athletic talent. He would be their new Charles Woodson to build around on defense.

  11. Miami Dolphins: Traded to the Chicago Bears - Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Alabama

    The Bears move back and still stand a chance to land one of their key targets. They love Ward, Fitzpatrick, and other defensive backs in this draft, which has me thinking they will focus there on the draft rather than the front seven. Fitzpatrick would be an upgrade over Adrian Amos who is a nice player, but lacks that game changing quality you want in the safety spot. He along with his former teammate Eddie Jackson would give them a nice dynamic duo who can move all over the field. Fitzpatrick is also a coach on the field who can take up the mic for a defense lacking a voice outside of Akiem Hicks who is a tad on the quieter side.

  12. Buffalo Bills: Traded to the Indianapolis Colts - Tremaine Edmunds LB Virginia Tech

    Like the Bears, the Colts could take a myriad of players at the 6th pick, but they can fleece a team needy for a quarterback and land a few more lotto picks to landing potential game changers to add to their barren roster. Edmunds to me is the biggest wild card in the draft with how young and inexperienced he is at 19. However, he a ton of talent, speed, athleticism, tackling ability, and versatility to be a key piece on any defense. He should elevate this team's linebacker unit immediately whether on the edge or inside.

  13. Washington Redskins: Traded to the New England Patriots - Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame

    Trade Alert!!! The Pats give up their 23rd, 43rd and a 3rd round pick next year to move up to the 13th selection. The Patriots have never moved up in the draft before, but they also have never gone with zero answers at left tackle to protect Tom Brady either. Mike McGlinchey is the only clear cut immediate starter at tackle in this draft overall and even then he might be a better pick at right tackle. He does have potential to stay on the left side with his length and top end technique. His athleticism may hold him back, but same with Nate Solder who was never a high end overpowering tackle. If anything I think McGlinchey would be a long term upgrade over Solder.

  14. Green Bay Packers: Vita Vea DT Washington

    The Packers stay put and land this draft's freak athlete at defensive tackle. Vita Vea is a 350 lb mammoth tackle with the first step and speed on the inside to rival a guy like Aaron Donald. Vea is a game wrecker on the interior and has a high floor similar to Danny Shelton who was a former Husky who was a plug and play run stuffer. If anything Vea has a lot more upside as a developing pass rusher. He should be a key cog to help out the rest of the defense.

  15. Arizona Cardinals: Traded to the Los Angeles Chargers - Da\'Ron Payne DT Alabama

    Trade Alert!!! The Chargers move up to the 15th pick swapping their 17th and 84th with the Cardinals. The Chargers have a generally loaded roster with very little glaring needs overall outside of kicker. I can see them using some of their draft capital to move up and land the guy of their choice to round out this roster for one last push for a Super Bowl with Phillip Rivers. Payne would be an ideal fit in the middle along with Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa on the edge. They had the worst starting tackle duos in the league last year and Payne would be an immediate upgrade.

  16. Baltimore Ravens: Traded to the Detroit Lions - Marcus Davenport DE UTSA

    Trade Alert!!!! The Lions move up to the 16th selection swapping their 20th and 82nd pick with the Ravens as well as a 4th rounder next year. The Lions are another team with a generally solid roster over all from their o-line to their receivers to the quarterback and to their secondary. Their one glaring need is at defensive end where they have little talent outside of Ziggy Ansah who is on his franchise tag. He could be gone by next year with another underwhelming year or one with more nagging injuries. Finding him a compliment like Davenport can clear out some blockers for Ansah to play better. Plus, this is a weak edge rusher draft so landing Davenport may be a big need for them.

  17. Los Angeles Chargers: Traded to the Arizona Cardinals - Josh Jackson CB Iowa

    If the Cardinals do not move up trading down a few times might be their next best option. Even with a new young quarterback this roster is still not good enough or well coached enough to even beat out a rebuilding Seahawks in division. They need better talent all over the place and should just go through the punches this year landing a top 10 pick next season. A big need is the corner spot across from Patrick Peterson that has been a revolving door of late. Peterson's talent like many corners does not last long so the end might be near for the All-Pro. Jackson is a talented long armed corner with great ball skills. His scheme fit may be an issue, but in a zone scheme that coach Steve Wilks might run is a nice fit.

  18. Seattle Seahawks: Traded to the Oakland Raiders - Roquan Smith LB Georgia

    Trade Alert!!! The Raiders move back into the first round giving the Seahawks their 41st, 75th and a 2nd rounder in next year's draft. Again, I think with Jon Gruden and the move to Vegas that the Raiders are more in the market for creating headlines than doing well thought out moves. Hence the Jordy Nelson move who is more name brand than real talent at this point. Plus, Roquan Smith does fit a big need at linebacker that they have needed to solve for awhile now. They could take him at 10, but the value is not a great fit. Smith is a modern day roving linebacker who can be a true captain in the mold of Ray Lewis according to sources. He has a shot to being a great Gruden grinder type player.

  19. Dallas Cowboys: Calvin Ridley WR Alabama

    The Cowboys finally made the move of getting rid of Dez Bryant who has turned into just another receiver rather than the stud he was prior to his big contract. I think the Cowboys would rather land a guy like Roquan Smith who is a better overall player, which is why I think the Raiders will jump ahead of them to get him. However, Calvin Ridley is not a bad consolation prize as a big need. He is not a big receiver or the fastest, but he is a savvy route runner with great hands. I think he would also be a great fit with Dak who prefers to throw on timing routes rather than just funneling a receiver with passes. Ridley is also a quiet guy who can be a breath of fresh air for a team that had to deal with Bryant's antics.

  20. Detroit Lions: Traded to the Carolina Panthers - Arden Key DE LSU

    Trade Alert!!! The Panthers move up giving up their 24th and 85th pick to move up to the 20th with the Ravens. Much like the Lions move up to snag a rare pass rusher I think the Panthers do the same. Their roster is pretty solid and well coached overall so a move up is not surprising. They desperately need an edge rusher with Julius Peppers still getting a lot of snaps. Key reminds me a lot of Peppers athletically, but he comes with some medical and off field red flags. Maybe Peppers can take the young man under his wing and mentor him on how to be a better player and person. If Key develops and stays clean the Panthers are getting a top 10 talent here at pick 20.

  21. Cincinnati Bengals: Carlton Davis CB Auburn

    The Bengals never move in the draft so this pick is sort of a lock for in terms of them picking here. In what direction they go in, it is kind of a toss up. Defense makes sense with how old and slow they have gotten on that side of the ball in general. They have never been shy taking multiple shots in the first round at defensive backs and have yet to hit on any. Maybe another shot is taken here with Davis who is a corner with long arms flying under the radar as a top prospect.

  22. Buffalo Bills: Traded to the Atlanta Falcons - Taven Bryan DT Florida

    Trade Alert!!! The Falcons swap their 28th and 90th pick with the Colts for the 22nd selection. The Falcons have never been shy moving up in the first round and instance it's cheaper than when they moved up for Julio Jones. They have expressed an interest in the top interior pass rushers in this class to round out their defensive line rebuild. Grady Jarrett is talented, but lacks a ton of stamina and often slows down by the end of games. Bryan is a former Gator who coach Dan Quinn often loves to land and his upside is on a level with J.J. Watt potentially. He has a ton of rawness to him, but his talent and ferocity is rare in an interior pass rusher.

  23. New England Patriots: Traded to the Washington Redskins - Mike Hughes CB UCF

    The Redskins are open to moving down and it makes sense since they do have a nice roster overall. They only fell apart last season due to injuries and if they stay healthy they really should compete in the NFC East. A new corner would be a welcomed addition across from Josh Norman that is up for grabs with Bashaud Breeland gone. Hughes is an athletic specimen with a ton of speed and ball skills who can rival Adoree' Jackson from last year in terms of pure speed. Much like Jackson he needs work in his technique and experience. He should be a nice fit in their press-zone scheme like Norman has been for them.

  24. Carolina Panthers: Traded to the Baltimore Ravens - Courtland Sutton WR SMU

    The Ravens have no real needs on defense and can move down once or twice in this mock a few times. Hoarding a ton of picks to help their cap strapped roster and give them a chance to load up on offensive talent. Sutton has a shot to go as high as #9 to the 49ers who love him. He slides down to 24th landing in the Ravens lap. He should be a talented outside option for Flacco using his big body and long arms as an easy target to throw to.

  25. Tennessee Titans: Will Hernandez OG UTEP

    The Titans have two great edge blockers in Jack Conklin and Taylor Lewan, but their interior can use an upgrade. Whether at guard or at center where they have just average players. They did retain Josh Kline on a team friendly deal who is solid, but his opposite Quinton Span was just okay as well. Hernandez has the possibility to be one of the better blockers even beating out Quenton Nelson or at least rivaling him. His size is not ideal, but his technique and bulldog nature is perfect as an interior blocker. With better coaching he should continue to ascend.

  26. Atlanta Falcons: Traded to the Indianapolis Colts - Jaire Alexander CB Louisville

    The Colts cut ties with Vontae Davis and let Rashaan Melvin sign else where. They have a spot or two open across from their standout rookie Quincy Wilson from a year ago. Alexander is more of a second round talent in my opinion. However, the lack of talent at the position in this draft and with how valuable good corners are he might get over drafted. I have the Colts hauling a ton of picks and a high upside Alexander is a good use of one.

  27. New Orleans Saints: Hayden Hurst TE South Carolina

    The Saints are everyone's sleeper favorite to move up in the draft for a quarterback, but I think Sean Payton's recent quotes put the kibosh on that one. Instead, they can land the draft's top tight end after trying to land Jimmy Graham as a free agent. They can save their money by getting Hurst and a possibly more motivated player. Hurst has the athletic upside and talent to be a valuable target in the middle of the field.

  28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Donte Jackson CB LSU

    The Steelers could move down with their loaded roster and lack of overall needs, but at this juncture it is hard to predict moves like that. There is still a guy like Donte Jackson on the board who can help out their woeful secondary that does make sense. Joe Haden has a little spark left, but staying healthy for a full season is a big question mark. Jackson is a burner like Artie Burns who can appeal to them.

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Traded to the Denver Broncos - Derrius Guice RB LSU

    Trade Alert!!! The Broncos come back into the 1st round giving up their 40th, 99th, and a 3rd rounder next year to get the Jags 29th pick. The Broncos seem to be growing restless as a franchise used to winning and under John Elway's equity he has earned the right to make some brash moves. Moving back into the end of the first round to land a running back is not outrageous. He was quick to cut C.J. Anderson a year removed from giving him a new deal and may be quick to finding his replacement. Guice has borderline first round talent and a lot of upside as his hands in the passing game comes along.

  30. Minnesota Vikings: Billy Price C/OG Ohio St

    The Vikings hit it out of the park with one former interior Buckeye blocker in Pat Elflein so why not land another. Their line has played better from two years ago, but was patch worked together with aging veterans with little long term outlooks. Price may slide out of the first round due to his pec injury after the Combine. However, the Vikings have the depth to stash him away for a bit and bring him along slowly. He should be a nice addition next to Elflein as a guard with his bigger build.

  31. New England Patriots: Harold Landry OLB Boston College

    The Patriots can probably move up and still keep their original first round pick here at 31. Since that's how Belichick rolls often taking advantage of unsuspecting teams even trading up for the first time. With their second first round pick they really need to solve their weak pass rush that was their big Achilles' ankle all season long. Landry is a ideal designated pass rusher who is local sourced and should be an immediate sack artist. His size is not ideal to stay on the field every snap, but Belichick will find his best use.

  32. Philadelphia Eagles: D.J. Moore WR Maryland

    I can see the Eagles moving down, but it is tough to see who might be motivated to move back into the end of the first round. If they stay here they are obviously landing a depth piece that will need to sit a bit on their loaded roster for a season at the least. Moore can be a nice addition to really diversify this passing game. Alshon Jeffrey may need full year until he is fully healthy again and Moore can take the spot left by Torrey Smith downfield. Mike Wallace to me is not a real solution since at his age and limited route tree there is not much left in him.

Round 2

  1. Cleveland Browns: Kolton Miller OT UCLA

    The Browns land their possible replacement for Joe Thomas moving into the future with their new signal caller Josh Allen and Saquon Barkley at running back. Shon Coleman does have potential, but he has not been able to stay healthy yet in his career. Miller is a talented blocker with a lot of athletic talent and length. His lack of beef concerns me, but in an NFL weight room he can bulk up a bit.

  2. New York Giants: Isaiah Wynn OL Georgia

    The Giants need a few new blockers now without Weston Richburg and Justin Pugh even with the addition of Nate Solder. Isaiah Wynn would be a great pick up for them here. He is a versatile blocker who can even play right tackle or any of the interior spots if need be. His nasty demeanor and footwork is a big plus. Wynn's shorter arms are concerning, but some think he can still stay at tackle thanks to his technique.

  3. Cleveland Browns: Justin Reid S Stanford

    The Browns have done a nice job making small moves to upgrade their secondary, but that should not stop them from getting more young talent to compete. Reid to me is a majorly under talked about prospect in this class. Maybe it's because he plays safety or maybe it's his lack of a high ceiling. He does have a very high floor as a ball hawking and intelligent safety. His over aggressiveness is a bit of an issue, but that can be coached out. Putting him next to Jabrill Peppers could be a great fit.

  4. Indianapolis Colts: Sony Michel RB Georgia

    The Colts finally find a young running back to groom behind Andrew Luck and actually create a more even front for Luck to go against. Michel can sneak into the first round after how great Alvin Kamara looked and how similar the two are. However, landing in the top few picks of the second round make more sense for a leaner back. He should be an excellent dual threat back for them.

  5. Indianapolis Colts: Rashaan Evans LB Alabama

    The Colts continue to elevate their linebacker unit with another prudent pick up of Rashaan Evans here. Evans slides out of the first round due to athleticism concerns and the lack there of. However, Evans to me is an old school high IQ type linebacker who is a tackling machine. He also has some edge rushing prowess and leadership qualities that can appeal to teams. He along with Tremaine Edmunds should create a nice new tandem to build around in the middle of the defense.

  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ronnie Harrison S Alabama

    The Bucs have their cake and eat it too after landing a top corner in Denzel Ward and now a borderline first round safety in Ronnie Harrison. Their secondary has been a huge issue for awhile now and T.J. Ward is not the answer. Nor is the likes of Chris Conte or others they have trotted out. Justin Evans is nice, but an addition of Harrison who has the upside of Landon Collins can give them a nice young combo behind their talented linebackers.

  7. Chicago Bears: Isaiah Oliver CB Colorado

    The Bears are supposedly in love with Isaiah Oliver and are considering even trading down to the mid-20s in the first round to land him. They can risk it and hope he slides to them here like he does in the draft. It makes sense since his size is an ideal fit in Vic Fangio's defense and the fact that they still are not fully confident in their starting duo. Even after locking both up long term. Oliver could at the very least be a nice big slot corner who can eventually take over for Prince Amukamara who is allergic to picking off passes.

  8. Denver Broncos: Traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars - Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M

    The Jags have a loaded roster and can move down one or two more times in this draft loading up on more later picks to fill out the depths. If they stay here they should look to improving the competition among their receiver group after letting both Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson go. Marqise Lee still needs to prove himself and Donte Moncrief as well. They have a few other nice slot guys, but competition never hurts. Kirk has a lot of potential to turn into the next OBJ minus all the personality headaches.

  9. Oakland Raiders: Traded to the Seattle Seahawks - Sam Hubbard DE Ohio St

    The Seahawks should be trading down as well with their lack of picks and them in a "rebuild" even though they have not said it. They will need a new edge rusher after letting Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril leave this off season. Hubbard is dropping a bit over character concerns and issues with his motor. That has never been a deterrent for them and if Hubbard pans out he can turn into a nice steal thanks to his versatility and natural skill.

  10. Miami Dolphins: Traded to the Chicago Bears - Dorance Armstrong OLB Kansas

    The Bears if they trade down in the first round land an opportunity to get a few upgrades on defense. Armstrong could be a favorite of theirs due to his high end athleticism and overall rawness being under coached at Kansas. They desperately need healthy legs across from Leonard Floyd and even if Floyd does end up getting hurt again. Armstrong to me is a sneaky good pick and reminds me a lot of Aldon Smith talent wise who can really flourish under Vic Fangio.

  11. New England Patriots: Traded to the Washington Redskins - James Daniels C Iowa

    The Redskins have some talented players on the o-line, but they were decimated by injuries last year. One weak spot is still the center spot where they have late rounder Chase Roullier still penciled in as starter. They hit it out of the park with one former Hawkeye blocker with Brandon Scherff and can now do it again with James Daniels. Daniels to me is a lock stud and one for the next 10 years. He should be a first rounder, but can slide down into the second rounder due to the lack of love for centers.

  12. Washington Redskins: Jessie Bates S Wake Forest

    The Redskins take another piece to add to their secondary that has been lagging for the past few seasons. DeAngelo Hall is still on the roster and so are a few other possible young starters. They did give up on Su'a Cravens so an addition to the unit can help. Bates is another underrated prospect with a lot of talent and a lot of natural instincts with a nose for the ball. His youth and lack of experience is his biggest drawback.

  13. Green Bay Packers: Anthony Averett CB Alabama

    The Packers have dedicated a ton of high end picks and free agent moves on their secondary, but so far they only have Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix to show for it. Bringing in another corner to compete with last year's second rounder Kevin King or grow with is a smart move. They have made out well drafting from Alabama generally as seen with Clinton-Dix so maybe they return to Tuscaloosa for another defensive back. Averett is a talented technical corner with good foot work and speed. His lack of turnovers are concerning, but he has the talent to start right away.

  14. Cincinnati Bengals: Equanimeous St.Brown WR Notre Dame

    The Bengals have been searching for a compliment to go along with A.J. Green for awhile now and still have come up with nothing. Tyler Boyd is a nice slot option, but he has yet to really click. Another big bodied receiver like St.Brown with a ton of potential can help out Andy Dalton too by allowing him to make easier throws. St.Brown's numbers are not great coming out of Notre Dame's run first offense, but many believe he has the potential to be great.

  15. Arizona Cardinals: R.J. McIntosh DE Miami

    Robert Nkemdiche has been an utter disappointment thus far into his career in the NFL. That's not including his terribly disappointing college career as well after being a top prospect. There were concerns of his love for football coming out of college and it certainly looks like it. The Cardinals need an interior pass rusher like the had with Calais Campbell that helped make this whole defense go. Maybe another Hurricane can do that in McIntosh who has a ton of size and wiggle to get up field in a hurry.

  16. Los Angeles Chargers: Leighton Vander Esch LB Boise St

    The Chargers do not have another pick now until the 4th round, which is fine since they still get a shot getting another key player here in the 2nd round. They have often gone best player available at this juncture regardless of risk. Leighton Vander Esch is a talented one year wonder with a lot of talent to become a stud blue collar worker in the middle. However, some team's have medically taken him off their boards, but if LVE pans out the Chargers could be landing a stud in the middle to help them against the run and with tight ends.

  17. Indianapolis Colts: Duke Ejoifor DE Wake Forest

    The Colts continue to add pieces to their defense to finally make it at least league average hopefully. If anything it would be better than it was with more upside as well. Ejiofor has not been able to work out this draft season due to him recovering from a shoulder surgery. However, on tape he is a long athlete with good leverage and speed. He is a bit of a good at everything, but a master of none type player. His athletic profile has him project to turn into something more.

  18. Dallas Cowboys: Darius Leonard LB South Carolina St

    Unfortunately, Jaylon Smith has been a disappointment thus far and looks like he will never become the player he was meant to be prior to his devastating knee injury he suffered in a meaningless bowl game. The Cowboys need to find a better compliment next to Sean Lee and good enough to hold his place down when he gets hurt again. Leonard is a small school gem with a lot of versatile potential with good size and speed. He is a modern day backer who can fit well in the pros.

  19. Detroit Lions: Nick Chubb RB Georgia

    The Lions land their edge rusher in the first round moving up for Davenport. Now they need to find their running back they so desperately need. Thankfully, this is a really deep running back draft for them to land a talented player in the 2nd round. Chubb is a dynamic big back with bruising power and surprising get away speed for a man his size. The drawback is his lack of pass catching opportunities since he differed to Sony Michel a lot. If he develops that part of his game I can see him being on the same level as Leonard Fournette potentially.

  20. Baltimore Ravens: Geron Christian OT Louisville

    The Ravens can use a few additions to their offensive line and at right tackle especially. A name gaining traction is Geron Christian who is a very athletic specimen at the tackle spot. He has good footwork, hands, and length to be a rock on either side of the line. Christian is a bit raw with experience and is a bit soft according to some sources. Work in an NFL weight room will do him wonders.

  21. Buffalo Bills: Martinas Rankin OT Mississippi St

    The Bills can potentially have one of the worst starting offensive lines in the league next year without Eric Wood and now Richie Incognito. They only have Dion Dawkins who has a bit of upside going forward. Bringing in a new blocker who can possibly play either guard spots or right tackle would be a big find here. Rankin has the ability to to do so with his good technique and footwork. His base needs work to hold up to power rushers, but he has potential to be a steady blocker.

  22. Kansas City Chiefs: Lorenzo Carter OLB Georgia

    The Chiefs desperately need to get younger on the edge with both Justin Houston and Dee Ford carrying a lot of injury risk. In terms of Houston he may be cut after this season to save some cap space where they are super constricted at now. Carter has the potential to be a similar player to Leonard Floyd with similar size, length, and athleticism. His issue is his lack of production and motor. He finally played up to his potential last season so maybe there is more upside as he heads to the NFL.

  23. Carolina Panthers: Mark Andrews TE Oklahoma

    Greg Olsen has been interviewing for analyst jobs calling games rather than getting ready to play in them this off season. He is a smarter player who has bright hopes outside of football so maybe he is starting to take into account of all the injuries and head trauma that can cut his life short. That could make him decide to retire with a lot left in the tank. In case, the Panthers need to find a new option to groom in his stead. Andrews is a talented moving tight end in the open space who could be a good enough replacement to start over with at the position.

  24. Buffalo Bills: Traded to the Indianapolis Colts - Maurice Hurst DT Michigan

    Hurst drops a ton due to weight concerns and more so his heart concerns. He has cleared medicals, but that is something that is hard to gamble with. The Colts have a ton of picks now and can use one with a potential game changer if all checks out. He does not fit their scheme perfectly, but now a days schemes tend to be more fluid with team's more willing to work with high end talent. Hurst has the best first step and speed to the back field. Adding him to the mix can really help out moving forward.

  25. Tennessee Titans: Rasheem Green DL USC

    DaQuon Jones return definitely helps out their run stuffing ability, but certainly does not help their pass rushing ability at all. He gives very little in that aspect and with a young fledgling secondary they need a better push up front to help them develop. Green is a potential stud find here in the 2nd round who needs more experience to couple with his athleticism and IQ. He is a quick study so maybe he can continue his ascent in the NFL as a rotational fit with Jones, Jurell Casey, and others in his early goings.

  26. Atlanta Falcons: Traded to the Indianapolis Colts - Deon Cain WR Clemson

    The Colts have a ton of picks in the draft and really do not have to use all their picks on defense. Andrew Luck has little talent outside of T.Y. Hilton to throw to and a new option can help him out a lot. Cain is a flying under the radar type prospect since his numbers went down without Deshaun Watson there. However, Kelly Bryant was a big drop off and Cain still flashes good speed to get down field in a hurry. I can actually see him being a Hilton like receiver for Luck to play with.

  27. San Francisco 49ers: Dante Pettis WR Washington

    Like I said in the first round Courtland Sutton could be in play for them if they decide to move down in the first round. If not they can take a shot at another receiver to grow with Jimmy Garoppolo. His current corp of receivers Marqise Goodwin and Pierre Garcon are nice, but have little high end upside. Pettis is an elite speed receiver who can fly down field in a hurry. His hands are a bit hit or miss and his route tree right now is limited, but he has elite talent to groom into a nice receiver inside or outside.

  28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jerome Baker LB Ohio St

    Unfortunately, for the Steelers they already needed to draft a new linebacker to replace Vince Williams, but now they might need two with the injury to Ryan Shazier. The Steelers tend to like drafting players in their region out of the Big 10 or from blue blood schools. I think they would love Jerome Baker out of Ohio St to replace Shazier also from Ohio St. Baker is smaller, but he has the same elite speed that makes Shazier special. He should be a nice addition to their defense.

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mike Gesicki TE Penn St

    The Jags roster is actually pretty solid across the board so mock picks for them will be all over the board on many websites. I find one big weakness for them is tight end after trying out Julius Thomas there and Mercedes Lewis just floating along as a league average player. Gesicki has red zone domination potential with his ability to high point passes and make plays all over the field with his athleticism. Some worry he is a tad soft, but he should be a talented interior pass catcher for Bortles to lean on.

  30. Minnesota Vikings: Duke Dawson CB Florida

    The Vikings corner unit needs a lot of work outside of Xavier Rhodes. His back ups Mackensie Alexander and Trae Waynes have been so disappointing that they need to bring back the ancient Terrence Newman. Dawson is a tad undersized, but maybe that is a good thing since their big corners have not really panned out. The former Gator is a twitchy and ball hawking corner with good speed to track receivers down field. He probably fits best in the slot, but that is fine since most teams are in the nickel for most of the game.

  31. New England Patriots: Mason Rudolph QB Oklahoma St

    This Tom Brady fiasco is reaching nuclear level over in New England and I would not be shocked if when Brady leaves this whole thing collapses for a season or two. Maybe even longer if Belichick retires sending this franchise back to the dark ages before those two arrived. For Belichick's sake I am sure he is drafting a quarterback some where in the first 3 rounds to groom. Rudolph is the top guy in the second tier of signal callers with all the tools that make a good quarterback. However, he needs some time working on his accuracy and mechanics in a pro style offense.

  32. Cleveland Browns: Simmie Cobbs Jr WR Indiana

    Corey Coleman has quickly fallen out of favor in Cleveland and at the time I had a feeling that was a bad pick. Now Coleman will go down in books as the guy they took instead of Carson Wentz two seasons ago. Josh Gordon is returning, but he is also an unreliable target with his off field issues. The Browns should bring in a bigger target anyways to diversify their smaller receiving corp. Cobbs has nice size and long stride speed that reminds me of Alshon Jeffrey. If he develops like Jeffrey this could be a very nice value pick.

Round 3

  1. Cleveland Browns: Traded to the Buffalo Bills - Braden Smith OG Auburn

    As mentioned in the last round the Bills are going to have to use a few picks to patch this line back together. One of my more favored players is Braden Smith who would fit right in with the blue collar mentality up in Buffalo. Smith is an impressively strong blocker who has a great base against bull rushers. He tamed Clemson's talented line and should continue his solid work in the NFL.

  2. New York Giants: Chad Thomas OLB Miami

    The Giants are morphing over to a 3-4 front and right now have Olivier Vernon standing up on the edge. I doubt that is going to work since Vernon is so big with no real coverage experience. Thomas is a long athlete with good length and bend around the edge. He is a little raw and has teams wondering about his love for football due to his outside music aspirations. Maybe landing in New York is a good fit for him to pursue both dreams.

  3. Indianapolis Colts: Jeff Holland OLB Auburn

    More and more defense help for a team in need of it. I say bring in a ton of top end pass rushers and talent all over. Then have them compete and push each other to be better. Hopefully one or two of the pan out, but if all of them do then this team would be setting their sights for high aspirations. Jeff Holland is a bit of a designated pass rusher type player at his smaller size. He should be a nice move around piece for them to use like a LEO backer in passing situations.

  4. Houston Texans: Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma

    Clearly, the Texans need to work on this offensive line so they can stop using their entire quarterback room each year. I would hope they would scour the free agent market to help them, but they have oddly been sitting quiet this off season at the position. Thankfully for them there are some intriguing names that slide to them. One like Orlando Brown who has the potential to be a rock at either tackle spots. He slides due to that poor Combine performance, but he went on to work out well at his Pro Day. I never thought he was an amazing athlete and more so a great football player with a lot of grit. I hope he proves everyone wrong at the next level for pushing him down their draft boards.

  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Traded to the New York Giants - Nick Nelson CB Wisconsin

    The Giants had to suspend each of their starting corners at least one game last year. They already got rid of DRC, but they still have Eli Apple and Janoris Jenkins who each have their own sort of baggage. Bringing in more competition who can push them or replace them is a smart move. Nelson slides a bit due to his meniscus tear during a workout last week, but he should be ready by training camp. His biggest issue is his lack of turnovers and natural ball skills.

  6. San Francisco 49ers: M.J. Stewart CB UNC

    Adding Richard Sherman is not enough to solve their corner woes. They do have Ahkello Witherspoon who might make a second year jump, but the depth really needs to be filled out with better talent. Stewart is a tad small and that's what pushes him down the boards. However, he has a nose for the ball and plays like a bulldog on the outside unfazed by bigger receivers. He should be a nice versatile piece to add to this secondary.

  7. Denver Broncos: Dalton Schultz TE Stanford

    Another new two on offense to compliment that side of the ball with their talented defense. One area of need is tight end and has been since the loss of Julius Thomas for better or worst a few seasons ago. This class has some intriguing names that can emerge at the position and one being Dalton Schultz. He is your stereotypical solid all around tight end out of Stanford with nice size, receiving ability, and a good blocker for a tight end. He should be a high floor steady contributor for them.

  8. New York Jets: Kerryon Johnson RB Auburn

    The Jets need to help out Baker Mayfield on offense who is a solid quarterback, but I do not think he is a true game changer who can do it on his own. One big area of need is running back after the retirement of Matt Forte and Bilal Powell not staying healthy. They did bring in Isaiah Crowell, but to me he is a career underachiever who was out played by Duke Johnson in Cleveland. Kerryon Johnson is a nice do it all sleeper back who can be a nice addition to any team with his grittiness and versatility.

  9. Miami Dolphins: Traded to the Chicago Bears - D.J. Chark WR LSU

    Well, letting Cameron Meredith walk for a small contract was a bit puzzling especially since a smart team like New Orleans wanted him. To me that factor alone would make me think twice about letting him walk. Since they did, they should look to drafting at least one more target to add to the depth. Chark is a receiver with good all around ability that has not been tapped into coming out of LSU. If he develops I can see him becoming a high end number two option.

  10. San Francisco 49ers: Malik Jefferson LB Texas

    With Reuben Foster's future up in the air the 49ers could be in the market for a new linebacker not only to play next to him, but possibly in place of their former first rounder. Jefferson is a first round caliber talent who has never played up to his potential where ever he played while at Texas all over the field. If he is coached up at all and works on his technique better he could be a steal here.

  11. Oakland Raiders: Traded to the Seattle Seahawks - Parry Nickerson CB Tulane

    The Seahawks not only need a new pass rusher or two, but they could use a new corner or two also. They landed a nice corner in the third round last year with Shaq Griffin so why not try another one out here hoping fr the same results. Nickerson lit up the Combine flashing elite speed and athleticism. He is a bit thin, but he has long arms to pair with that speed. It may be a bit for him as he develops before he really shines, but he and Griffin could be a nice duo to rebuild around.

  12. Green Bay Packers: Terrrell Edmunds S Virginia Tech

    For some reason the Packers love letting their good defensive backs walk like Casey Hayward, Micah Hyde, and now Morgan Burnett. For a team with little cap space it makes me worried who they are paying with how bad they are without Aaron Rodgers. Edmunds the brother of Tremaine in the first round who has a ton of talent as well. He is also a raw talent and a bit smaller than you like at safety. However, his ball skills and speed are a big plus.

  13. Cincinnati Bengals: Kyzir White S West Virginia

    Another team in need of some new safety depth is the Bengals who are still employing two older talents in Shawn Williams and George Iloka. Both are nice safeties, but were showing signs of age last year letting receivers get by them quickly. Adding new youth to develop can help them out long term. White like many West Virginia players is a pure athlete with elite speed, size, and talent. However, his technique and coverage skills need work before he is ready to play. This could be a nice stash and develop pick for them.

  14. Kansas City Chiefs: Tim Settle DT Virginia Tech

    Another piece to add to their defensive front to help out their reshuffled secondary. They have been missing their run stuffing mammoth tackle when they let Dontari Poe leave a couple of seasons ago. Settle drops a bit due to an underwhelming Combine, but for a man his size that's not too surprising. He plays with good leverage and strength to be a steady run stuffer. His upside as a pass rusher is a work in progress, but he has the talent to be a good enough pass disruptor at the very least.

  15. Arizona Cardinals: Mike White QB Western Kentucky

    The Cardinals miss out on the top tier group of quarterbacks and in my opinion they should "tank" the season and start over next year with a new young qb. However, drafting one here is not a bad idea with Sam Bradford's inability to stay healthy. Who knows maybe they can be a gem and turn into a starter for the future. Mike White is the more proper comparison to Drew Brees in this class. He is on the shorter side, but has high end intelligence and very good accuracy. I can see him turning into at the very least a high end back up with solid starter potential.

  16. Houston Texans: Jaylen samuels RB/TE N.C. State

    The Texans could use a new running back to groom since they seem to be trying to find an out from Lamar Miller who is just an okay starter. Samuels is an intriguing name due to him being a former tight end moving to a running back. His vision and ball carrying skills as a pure runner needs work. However, his ability to get open and be a home run hitter in the pass game should be a nice weapon for Deshaun Watson to work with.

  17. Dallas Cowboys: J.C. Jackson CB Maryland

    The Cowboys are trying out Byron Jones at corner, but if it were me I would keep him at safety and bring in another corner to compete with their young talent. They can land an intriguing name here like Jackson who has a ton of talent and athleticism to turn into a top notch shut down corner. He slides down boards due to his off field issues during his time at Florida with a few run ins with drive by shootings and other gang related violence. Since his time at Maryland he has seemingly turned it around and hopefully stays that way in the NFL. If he does then the Cowboys might be able to keep Jones at safety.

  18. Detroit Lions: Traded to the Baltimore Ravens - Frank Ragnow C/OG Arkansas

    The Ravens were smart letting Ryan Jensen sign elsewhere for a big deal since he was just an okay player. Plus, they are pretty tight at the salary cap and need to use that space elsewhere. This draft has some interesting interior linemen later in the draft and in the middle rounds who can provide solid play from day one. One of those names include Ragnow who was a steady worker for the Razorbacks his whole career. His size is less than ideal, but as a center that is not a big issue.

  19. Baltimore Ravens: Ian Thomas TE Indiana

    The Ravens have been trying to find a new tight end for many years now to try and help out Flacco in the middle of the field. They have yet to hit on many high picks so far, but at this point why stop trying. With a handful of new picks in this draft they can definitely use a pick one on one. Thomas is a big and athletic tight end who can be a big weapon in the middle of the field. He is a tad raw as a route runner and with his pass catching opportunities coming from Indiana. I can see him emerging as the best tight end of the class.

  20. Los Angeles Chargers: Traded to the Arizona Cardinals - Connor Williams OL Texas

    The Cardinals definitely needs to add some new talent on the line to help out whoever they roll with going forward. They did add a nice versatile piece in Justin Pugh, but then went and traded away Jared Veldheer who is a nice veteran tackle. Williams has the skills to be a first rounder with good footwork, and athleticism. His strength and lack of experience is a bit of an issue. With a team rebuilding this could be a sneaky good pick to work with moving forward.

  21. Carolina Panthers: Traded to the Baltimore Ravens - Luke Falk QB Washington St

    I think Joe Flacco's time in Baltimore is on a short leash right now and with another mediocre year I can see them pulling the plug on their overpriced signal caller. Possibly drafting a new guy to develop here would be a wise move and at least create some more competition along with RG3. Falk is a tad on the thinner side than I like. However, his arm talent and accuracy are a big plus. If he puts on some weight I can see him being a similar talent to Kirk Cousins.

  22. Kansas City Chiefs: Isaac Yiadom CB Boston College

    The Chiefs are reshuffling the decks at corner getting rid of Marcus Peters then bringing in Kendall Fuller and David Amerson. They might have upgraded in the long term with Fuller who is less about himself than Peters was, but they still need more help in the depth. Yiadom is a long and lean corner with great ball skills. His technique needs work and his scheme fit is hard to judge. There is size, skill, and versatility here for a nice corner at the next level.

  23. Los Angeles Rams: Brian O\'Neill OT Pittsburgh

    The Rams really have no glaring needs anywhere on their roster after the overhaul on defense. I guess, going offense would be nice in the draft to balance out this off season. A new tackle might be needed in a year or two with Andrew Whitworth already at age 36. Eventually, he is going to start slowing down and showing signs of age. O'Neill is a purely athletic tackle with good footwork, and length as a former tight end. His technique and strength need work so a year on the pine should do him great.

  24. Carolina Panthers: Christian Campbell CB Penn St

    The Panthers should be in a market for a corner after trading away Daryl Worley, which looks now like a genius move after his arrest. James Bradberry is an solid corner, but he needs help since he is not a true lock down number one. Campbell is a terrific athlete with nice size, speed, strength, and ball skills. As a corner and defender he needs work in his technique and instincts. The clay is there Ron Rivera and company just have to mold him. They have done it before so this might be a favorable landing spot for Campbell to succeed.

  25. Tennessee Titans: Armani Watts S Texas A&M

    The Titans signed Jonathan Cyprien to a nice deal a couple of seasons ago to play next to Kevin Byard who has developed very nicely. Unfortunately, Cyprien is playing like he did his final few seasons in Jacksonville, which was not very good. A draft pick on another one to take his place and develop alongside Byard to create a new young tandem can really elevate this young secondary. Watts is a nice sized and instinctive safety. He is a tad overaggressive at time taking himself out of plays, but with some coaching he should pan out nicely.

  26. Atlanta Falcons: DaeSean Hamilton WR Penn St

    Julio Jones is amazing we all know that, but I think the Falcons rely too heavily on him. To the point where teams know where the ball is going and shade coverage there. For most of last season that type of coverage actually worked since Matt Ryan and Jones never really got in-sync. A new option across from him can help make this offense a little more balanced. Hamilton has nice size and routes that help him create separation on the outside or in the slot. His speed is not amazing, but he should be a consistent option for Ryan to work with.

  27. New Orleans Saints: Auden Tate WR Florida St

    Julio Jones is amazing we all know that, but I think the Falcons rely too heavily on him. To the point where teams know where the ball is going and shade coverage there. For most of last season that type of coverage actually worked since Matt Ryan and Jones never really got in-sync. A new option across from him can help make this offense a little more balanced. Hamilton has nice size and routes that help him create separation on the outside or in the slot. His speed is not amazing, but he should be a consistent option for Ryan to work with.

  28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ronald Jones II RB USC

    This Le'Veon Bell thing is probably going to end by this time next season. So, finding a new back to groom is a nice use of one of their picks since they really have no huge needs. I know, they drafted James Conner last season, but he did not look that amazing in the few carries he got. Another back can at least create competition moving forward. Ronald Jones is a nice do it all back with good shiftiness and hands. His explosiveness is a little lacking, but he is a steady every down back.

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jamarco Jones OT Ohio St

    This Le'Veon Bell thing is probably going to end by this time next season. So, finding a new back to groom is a nice use of one of their picks since they really have no huge needs. I know, they drafted James Conner last season, but he did not look that amazing in the few carries he got. Another back can at least create competition moving forward. Ronald Jones is a nice do it all back with good shiftiness and hands. His explosiveness is a little lacking, but he is a steady every down back.

  30. Minnesota Vikings: Trenton Thompson DT Georgia

    The Vikings have lost both Shamar Stephen and Tom Johnson who were two nice rotational tackles. Plus, Shariff Floyd's future in doubt after his injury. They did bring in Sheldon Richardson and drafted Jaleel Johnson last year. However, you can never use too many good rushers and Trenton Thompson has a special quality to him. He just needs to get coached up and motivated to show it every down.

  31. New England Patriots: Dallas Goedert TE South Dakota St

    Another piece of drama that will not die along with Tom Brady's up in New England is Rob Gronkowski's that seemed to be the one that set it all off after the Super Bowl. I doubt this lasts past this season and a new tight end or two will be brought in to compete with. Goedert is this draft's small school tight end who should be a high selection for a guy out of South Dakota St. He is an athletic move tight end with nice size and hands. His strength is a little lacking, but a year in a weight room should do him good.

  32. Buffalo Bills: Tegray Scales LB Indiana

    The Bills linebacker corp is going to be overhauled to fit with Sean McDermott's defense rather than the players left over for Rex Ryan's scheme. A new addition or two will be needed to help do that. Luckily for them there are a few intriguing names later in the draft. One being Tegray Scales who is an old school bruising linebacker with nice speed and tackling prowess. His size is a little smaller than you want, but new modern day linebackers tend to be smaller so they can keep up with the tight ends better.