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2018 NFL Mock Draft Contest

Pretty Good Sports

Rules and Terms

Welcome to Pretty Good Sports! It is our favorite time of year, NFL Draft season. Every year we like to have a mock draft contest where the most picks wins. Last year, the leader had a lowly 4 correct picks! To incentive more participation and better accuracy, we are upping the ante this season!

Deadline is Wednesday 4/25 at 7:00 PM ET!

All Entries must be submitted using our Mock Draft tool.

Free To Play!

Most Correct Picks 1st Round Picks (greater than 5): $25
More than 10 Correct 1st Round Picks: $55
More than 16 Correct 1st Round Picks: $125
More than 25 Total Correct 1st-3rd Round Picks: $10

Correct picks is defined as picking the correct player at the correct position by the correct team.
Payouts will be made via PayPal.
One entry per user. You will receive a confirmation request after you submit your Mock Draft.
Selections that are broken nationally before you submit will not count towards your total.
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