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What Every Team Should Do In The First Round

Kyle Kunert

Round 1

  1. Cleveland Browns: Draft A Quarterback

    Preferably, Sam Darnold who I think is the absolute right quarterback. Not Allen, not Rosen, and definitely not Baker. However, if they draft any of the others at least it's a quarterback and not a dumb running back.

  2. New York Giants: Draft for the Future

    The Giants seem to think a 3-12 team last year is one running back away from winning a Super Bowl. That is just a ridiculous notion and I think they should go quarterback. Even better would be trading down gathering more picks to retool this bad roster. A running back is just not the solution here and I am not sold that Saquon Barkley is the best back coming into the draft in the past five years.

  3. New York Jets: Draft A Quarterback

    Clearly, they moved up for a quarterback. My thinking is they should have waited until draft day to make this move since now they have opened themselves up to someone jumping over them. If say Darnold or Rosen were here I would take one of them. I would avoid Mayfield due to his off field issue that can be magnified under the lights of New York.

  4. Cleveland Browns: Take the Best Available Player

    Whether it's Barkley or Chubb the Browns should take him. I would avoid taking a corner or safety here due to the volatility of the positions. I lean towards Chubb since this draft's bonafide edge rushing group may be the worst position of the draft with very little high end talent. Compared to running back where there is 10-15 starting caliber running backs to be had later.

  5. Denver Broncos: Trade Down

    If they are not getting a quarterback I would trade down with most of these top picks. The value of gathering more picks is just greater than sitting here and paying more on just one player who can bust just as much as a guy in the 5th round. If they do stay here taking Barkley, Chubb, Ward, Fitzpatrick, or Nelson would all make sense for them.

  6. Indianapolis Colts: Trade Down

    Again, trading down if possible is always the right answer in most cases. Especially, if you're a team like the Colts who need a plethora of new talent on their barren roster. Plus, if say they move with the Bills they can still land a player that makes a lot of sense for them. Like the Broncos any of the top blue chip talent make sense. Actually, this would be my ideal spot for Barkley to land if he were to go in the top 10 picks. They have a quarterback actually capable of balancing out with Barkley rather than any of the other teams who will be using rookies or shakier options.

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Top Defender

    They spent a lot of money on a few free agent o-linemen over the years so I doubt they actually take Nelson even though they should. However, a corner, safety, or edge rusher make sense for them here. Even Saquon Barkley does. The only difference is that the Bucs play a ton of top offenses so improving the back end of the defense is where I would lean.

  8. Chicago Bears: Nelson or Trade Down

    Quenton Nelson just makes sense with the need at guard, Chicago being a Notre Dame town, and the fact that they have his old o-line coach. However, if he is off the board they need to trade down to recoup picks traded last year to get Trubisky. Plus, they can get say a Davenport, Roquan Smith, or Tremaine Edmunds if that is where they lean at say pick 15 with the Cardinals.

  9. San Francisco 49ers: Linebacker or Offensive Weapon

    John Lynch has shown the ability to just do what he wants without worrying about media backlash. I think a linebacker makes a lot of sense here with the Reuben Foster issues. However, if he were to reach for a receiver or a blocker I would not blame him. The trick of the draft is to ignore outside voices and stick to your guns. If it works out in five years people will say "How did that guy slide there" instead of how much you reached for him.

  10. Oakland Raiders: Front Seven Help

    The Raiders tend to lean towards their secondary high in the draft, but to me that just has not worked. Guys like Karl Joseph, Obi Melifonwu, and Gareon Conley have struggled due to how much they have neglected the pass rush and linebacker unit. Even their free agent dbs are struggling to perform and they point the blame on that unit instead of the front. I would lean towards Tremaine Edmunds, Roquan Smith, or Marcus Davenport here.

  11. Miami Dolphins: Trade Up

    I normally do not advise trade ups, unless if it's for a quarterback. The AFC East in a year or two is prime for the taking once Brady and/or Belichick end up stepping away. The Dolphins cannot sit back and watch the Jets along with possibly the Bills go up and get their future at the position. Ryan Tannehill is not the answer and if they have another mediocre season with him Adam Gase will probably lose his job. If they take a new quarterback it might just extend his stay in Miami for a year or two. I can actually see Mayfield working well with Gase's offense and no nonsense demeanor.

  12. Buffalo Bills: Trade Up

    I do not understand what the Bills are doing. They could have easily gotten that pick from the Colts with their draft capitol, but are terrified of losing both first round picks. I think giving up both is just fine if they find their quarterback of the future. If we're being honest we know it's not A.J. McCarron who couldn't even beat out Andy Dalton. I am not a big fan of Josh Allen, but if he lands in a city where his arm is useful in the cold and weather it just makes sense. Plus, he can sit behind McCarron and season a bit also.

  13. Washington Redskins: Trade Down or Take a Defensive Back

    The Redskins are in a good spot to move down with a lot of blue chip players still on the board. This is an odd roster that has talent, but just cannot put it together. Moving down would allow them to fill out the roster a bit more and possibly help them over the hump more than just one player can do. However, if they stay here I am sure they can have their picks of the top defensive backs from Ward to Fitzpatrick to James and even Josh Jackson would make sense here.

  14. Green Bay Packers: Defensive Front Help

    Like the Raiders the Packers keep pouring and losing talent in the secondary. So far they have nothing to show for it. This time around help for the defensive front is needed from tackle to the edge rush where they have a lot of under performing players. They also need to cut out the bad salaries, but that is for a different article.

  15. Arizona Cardinals: Trade Up or Trade Down

    The Cardinals can either move up to get a quarterback to try and keep up with the competitive NFC West. Otherwise, I think trading down and retooling this roster through a down season is the next best option. I would lean towards the tanking option of gathering a bunch of picks loading this roster up as they aim for a top pick next season. Even if they do land a quarterback in this draft to me this roster is just not good enough to compete consistently.

  16. Baltimore Ravens: Offensive Talent or Move Down

    Whether it's a tackle or receiver it would make a lot of sense for them. However, say if Mike McGlinchey is off the board trading down a bit makes sense to land a receiver in a better value range. I could also see them lean towards defense where they are more comfortable, but that type of reverse thinking is why their offense has stunted so poorly mostly due to them ignoring that side of the ball.

  17. Los Angeles Chargers: Take A Defensive Tackle

    This roster has very little holes overall when you look at it outside of kicker. They really should be more competitive and consistent this season. One spot of need is defensive tackle where they two of the worst starters. Moving up to take one may be needed, but they would rather have Vita Vea or Da'Ron Payne fall in their lap.

  18. Seattle Seahawks: Move Down

    The Seahawks are in a bit of a rebuild even if they do not want to admit it. If I were them I would scrap all of the veterans who continue to complain about contracts and money along with Pete Carroll who seems to be losing the locker room. They need to get back to their young competitive roots and landing players who want to play hard for a contract not ones who are content with their money. I also think GM John Schneider needs to go with how bad he has drafted recently. If they stay here I would not have a problem, but they have very few picks and gathering more by moving down would be better for them.

  19. Dallas Cowboys: Take a Receiver or Safety

    Say if a guy like Minkah Fitzpatrick or Derwin James falls to them I think they should jump on him as soon as they can. However, if not I think taking Calvin Ridley or Courtland Sutton would be just fine. I actually think Ridley is going to be better than people think and I would not be shocked if he beats out people who have been disparaging the recent crop of first round receivers.

  20. Detroit Lions: Edge Rusher

    They need an edge rusher desperately to help out Ziggy Ansah who has not been able to develop as well as he should be with so many double blocks going his way. I would not be shocked if they need to move up to land a guy like Marcus Davenport or who have you who they like. While I don't advise trading up for anything, but a quarterback it does make sense.

  21. Cincinnati Bengals: Top Prospect Available

    This roster has a ton of needs and due to the fact that the Bengals never move in the draft they will be here to take whoever is at the top of their draft boards. I lean defense at any level for them with how bad they are on that side of the ball. Biggest issue is why Marvin Lewis still there with how mediocre his teams have been there. This fan base needs to make more of a stink about how mediocre they have been since their existence.

  22. Buffalo Bills: Use This Pick to Move Up

    If you think you can land your quarterback of the future there is no amount of picks that would stop me from moving up to get him. The Bills want to hold a pick that most likely will turn into a bust, instead of using it to move up for a quarterback. That is just silly and is why this team continues to be mediocre.

  23. New England Patriots: Take a Blocker

    This draft has a few intriguing tackles available and some think McGlinchey could still be on the board here. If not I would not be upset if they reach for a blocker like Isaiah Wynn, Orlando Brown, Kolton Miller, or who have you. They need to keep Brady upright and this season will be his first without either Matt Light or Nate Solder at left tackle.

  24. Carolina Panthers: Pass Rusher

    Julius Peppers still gets a ton of snaps....that is all. If you need any other convincing that they should take an edge rusher I don't know what else to tell you. I would not be shocked if they move up to take one with how shallow this class is at the position.

  25. Tennessee Titans: ?

    I have no clue where this team leans towards in the draft. They can literally take any position outside of quarterback or running back and it would make sense. They can use a safety next to Kevin Byard so that could be the option or they can use better interior offensive line play. Either way they can take whoever they want available here.

  26. Atlanta Falcons: Don\'t Draft Taven Bryan

    It is no secret that they love Taven Bryan. Not only is tackle a need, but he played for Florida a program that Dan Quinn knows a lot about and leans on for talent. However, in recent years Florida prospects have been incredibly disappointing in the NFL and I would not be shocked if Bryan joins a growing list of bad players.

  27. New Orleans Saints: A Defender

    I have them taking a tight end here in my mock because it makes sense and they seem fixed on filling that role out for Drew Brees. However, I would continue to build up their defense that truly helped them be more balanced and consistent winners last season than their offense ever did the past couple of seasons. Any player at any level of the defense would help them out.

  28. Pittsburgh Steelers: ?

    Again, another team I have no clue what they will do with their pick. A corner or defensive back in general makes sense. However, they can also lean towards a quarterback, running back, or defensive front help. Linebacker also makes sense. Overall this roster is loaded and can go in many directions.

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tight End, Receiver, or O-line

    Any sort of offensive help makes sense here. Their defense is lights out already and if they are going to roll with Blake Bortles for one more season they really need to help him out.

  30. Minnesota Vikings: O-line or Corner

    Their interior of the line can use a boost and there should be a few players here that can fit their need there. However, they can also go corner with how bad Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander have been.

  31. New England Patriots: ?

    Another team I have no sense of where they lean. This roster is fantastic and anyone they pick will probably just serve a back up role their rookie season. Maybe a blocker to groom when Lane Johnson flips to the left side. Maybe a new receiver or a tight end. Maybe a corner. Who knows, we probably will not see them play for at least a season.

  32. Philadelphia Eagles: Edge Rush

    I have them taking an all important blocker with the first pick, but can see them taking one here and an edge rusher with their first pick. I doubt they trade up since Belichick has never done so, but who knows there is a first for everything.