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Full Exclusive NFL Mock Draft 2018

Albert Mattheis

Whats up world

It’s your host, Big Dog,
here to give you the nitty gritty on the NFL draft.

Today we\'re gonna
discuss 30 NFL teams and 30 tantalzing prospects.

Draft week is always
exciting because its the only time of the year where all NFL teams come
together. Everybody is excited to see their teams front office fetch a new
superstar, all the while dramatically watching the landscape of the league
theatrically change at the hands of GM’s wheeling and dealing. It’s like
independence day when the aliens come to Earth and all of the bloods and crips
come together to fight them.

So without further ado,
let’s dive into a clairvoyant 32 pick joyride of a mock draft. You can buy a
whole seat, but you’re only gonna need the edge! It’s finally draft season
baby, so lets kick this thing off with a

… “The Cleveland Browns
are on the clock.”

With pickero numero uno,
the Cleveland Browns select:

QB Sam Darnold, USC.

Insane true fact: The Browns are the first team to have No. 1 picks in back to back drafts since....the Cleveland Browns in 1999 & 2000. Those two selections ended up as QB Tim Couch and DE Courtney Brown. The Browns took a DE in 2017, and they go get their QB in 2018 in Sam Darnold.

Darnold is a jock with a
big arm that loves to compete. NFL teams love this guy and so do I. Browns
owner Jimmy Haslam sat with Darnolds parents during his pro day like a
supportive girlfriend, and the courting process finally ends with the
tension-releasing, cathartic first pick of the draft on the future of the
franchise. This draft is going to be one people are going to remember for a
while, and is my favorite since 2014 with Jadeveon Clowney.

*In the first big
surprise of the night, the Buffalo Bills trade pick 12, 22, and some other
irrelevant late round pick-swapping for the chance to pick their future Face of
The Franchise (FoTF, may or may not be used casually throughout the remainder
of this Mock Draft.*

with McPick 2, the Buffalo Bills select:

2.) QB Josh Allen, Wyoming

Now I’m not a huge fan
of predicting big trades in mock drafts because they are impossible to predict,
drastically alter the board with ripple effects, and give the mock a
“hypothetical” feel. Being said, I am extremely confident and rarely wrong. My
gut is screaming at me "Big Dog, there\'s gonna be a trade brother!"
and who am I to ignore the guy? My gut is what has brought me here, through the
fire and the flames, to be the worlds Most Exclusive insider of all time. So to
"dance with the girl who took me to the prom", (figuratively, I am "allegedly"
too old to go to prom now) I\'m gonna squeeze my gut for all its worth and say
the Bills trade up here! I don\'t love Josh Allen personally or professionally,
but he\'s got the size/speed/hands that make NFL scouts want to risk it all.
Will he cure his accuracy woes (56% career completion percentage at Wyoming) in the league or will
he be Jamarcus Russel 2.0, still throwing footballs 60 yards from his knees on
youtube to kickstart his "life-after football" career as an online

With the 3rd pick, the NY J-E-T-S select:
3.) QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

I both personally and professionally prefer Josh Rosen to Mayfield. However, the world doesn\'t do what I want it to do (yet) and so my little crystal ball tells me Mayfield will be the pick here. This one gets mocked commonly, along with the quip "He\'s got the personality built for the NY media market! He\'s white and cocky and might play QB for the Jets? He\'s the second coming of Joe Namath."(1)

1: (Without digressing too much, I dislike these comparisons for 2 reasons. 1.) New York football in recent history has not been a hotbed any outspoken sports superstar QB\'s. "Eli Manning is shy and has been successful on and off the field, for what its worth.", as first reported by Doggy Style Sports Exclusive Insider Junkyard Jerry. 2.) On a more serious note, the NFL has a stereotyping problem. Whether consciously or not, athletes are compared to other athletes that physically look like them by both the media and teams. Short white receivers are always "shifty slot guys," followed by saying is cast in the mold of Julian Edelmann/ Wes Welker/ (Insert short white receiver here). There has been a stereotyping problem in the league historically where NFL front offices label and categorize players with respect to race stature and position, particularly coaches and African American QB\'s. This has never been more relevant than in today\'s NFL, with QB Desaun Watson being passed for a (objectively) inferior QB Mitchell Trubisky in 2017. This years Lamar Jackson has allegedly been asked to switch positions to WR to better "utilize" his athleticism, but this is disrespectful: Jackson is a legitimate QB and a very good. He may not look like NFL quarterbacks have historically looked, but the NFL will be forced to change their schema on race and position)

The Jets traded up for the accurate Oklahoma prospect to sit behind 30-year vet Josh McCown as the eventual heir and savior to their stagnant offense. People say Mayfield is short, and he has off field concerns, and his production is a function of his spread offense in college. I say lets wait and see him in September before we knock him! He has the potential to be exciting.

4.) The Cleveland Browns select: RB Saquon Barkley

The allure of drafting DE Bradley Chubb and letting him terrorize opposing offenses alongside DE Myles Garret is tempting for John Dorsey, but so is a generational talent staring him in the face. Barkley is the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson. The old Browns regime of "Moneyball" and "Analytics" would hate the value of a RB at the 4th overall selection, which is all the more reason for Dorsey (a true football guy) to show the world that the New look browns are here to pack dips and win (champion)ships. The Browns already have a stacked RB room with Isiah Crowell, Duke Johnson Jr. and the recently signed ex-49er Carlos Hyde. These guys all become irrelevant as this is Barkleys backfield now.

5.) Broncos Select:

QB Josh Rosen.

GM John Elway says he wants to sell the pick, and the Broncos are in no real rush to select a QB as they recently signed the former Viking Case Keenum to man the position. However, as a former QB, Elway has to recognize the rarity of Rosens mechanics and seize the opportunity to add a potential stud at the most in-demand position in sports.

6.) Indianapolis Colts Select: DE Bradley Chubb

The Colts need help pretty much everywhere, and even though they allowed their franchise QB to get obliterated into year-long injured reserve for a conglomerate of injuries (broken ribs, lacerated kidneys, and shoulder problems, etc.) by passing on talented linemen like OG Quentin Nelson, second year GM Chris Ballard has to be excited about the drafts top pass-rusher falling to him as the 6th pick. The Colts are in rebuild mode, and they just got a cornerstone edge player to build around.

7.) Bucs Select: S Derwin James

“Alpha Dog” mentality, his teammates at Florida State say. The Tallahassee to Tampa Bay connection gets stronger with James joining his former teammate QB Jameis Winston. The Bucs safeties are awful, and even though they could add a lot of impact players here with only 2 non qb’s off the board so far, they add a strong in-the-box freak athlete to serve as a locker room leader and unify the defense. “Defense wins championships”, as my neighbor always yells to me while he’s outside cleaning his car.

8.) Bears select: OG Quinten Nelson

The Bears luck into a generational talent to protect their recent investment of QB Mitch Trubisky. Ask GM Ryan Pace, “Hey Ryan, you want the best interior o-lineman in the league?” What, is he gonna say no? Nelson gives the Bears a major building block that will bull-doze defenders to make room for RB’s Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, and protect Trubisky with his life. Side connection: Bears just hired Nelsons former O-line Coach to the same position.

9.) 49ers pick: Minkah Fitzpatrick

GM John Lynch has been itching to add a safety to this roster since he landed in San Fran, and he now gets the best on the board. “Nick Saban\'s Son’, as he has been accused of being in the past, Fitzpatrick was a complete and Elite safety prospect in college with the football IQ to lead a defense. A well-lead defense is necessary to win championships. Ask anybody. The 49ers are building their roster around a few young core guys, and Fitzpatrick is the newest to the bunch. If Richard Sherman gets healthy and returns to form, look for these two to synergize each other in a new-look 49ers defense.

10.) Raiders Select: LB Roquan Smith

Roquan Smith is one of the best players in this draft, one of the most instinctual linebackers i’ve ever scouted, and the Raiders roster is devoid of any rangy off-ball Mike linebackers. Coach Gruden gets his “Derrick Brooks” and the Raiders get ready to play some old school football!

11.) Dolphins Select: CB Denzel Ward

Best CB in the draft slips to the Dolphins and their arm is twisted. “Stop it, Denzel” the front office pleads but it is too late. They have selected the Ohio State product and have a no. 1 CB for the first time in a long time.

12.) Giants (Trade from Bills) Select: LB Trumaine Edmunds

Edmunds is a 19 year old freak athlete with the potential to be the best defensive player in the NFL. He played as an off-ball linebacker in college, but projects nicely to edge rusher. The Giants recently traded under-fingered-JPP this offseason and need a pass rusher to play opposite of Olivier Vernon. The Giants go BPA here and are happy to add to play makers as their title window closes.

13.) Redskins select: DT Vita Vea

Vita Vea: “Think less Danny Shelton, more Haloti Ngata” - everybody on the internet that doesn’t watch film and regurgitates draft cliches. Vea is massive at 350, moves better than most 300 pounders do, and fills a massive need for the Redskins. Vea will be a space-eating 0 technique drafted to cure a poor run defense in Washington. Paired with last years first round pick Jonathan Allen, the Washington interior defensive line will go from a weakness to a dominating force with this pick. Watch out world.

14.) Packer select: DE Markus Davenport

Davenport is raw, but has the physical tools to be a beast off the edge. He dominated lower-level competition at UTSA, and the Packers need big prototypical ends to fit their new 4-3 scheme under coordinator Mike Pettine. Green Bay has many needs, but is also somehow quitely a decent football team. They can afford the risk of Davenport busting and draft his upside for positional need, defensive competency, and worst case scenario he will be future depth.

15.) Cardinals Select: QB Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is not unanimously loved as a top-15 pick. However, I do not think the Cardinals can afford to pass up on the talented former Louisville Cardinal. Give him a year on the bench, or until week 2 when Bradford twists his ankle and is out for the year, and he has a chance to be a really special QB that defensive coordinators will have nightmares about (probably one of my favorite sports cliches).

16.) Ravens Select: T Mike McGlinchey

Seen by some as a “right tackle only”, I still believe McGlinchey is very polished and is far and away the best tackle prospect in the draft. The Ravens addressed Left tackle in 2016 by drafting McGlincheys former teammate from Notre Dame Ronnie Stanley. By adding McGlinchey, the Ravens replace departed RT Rick Wagner, they pick the best player available,
And also get the chance to sport one of the most promising young pair of tackles in the league. Many people have Alabama WR Calvin Ridley mocked here, but I’m unanimously agreed to be a lot more of an “insider” than they are so I know that will not be the case. GM Ozzie Newsome, in his final draft with the Ravens, could be extremely tempted into predictability by selecting an Alabama player, but the Ravens have aggressively addressed the WR position group this offseason by adding John Brown, Michael Crabtree, and acquiring Willie Snead from the Saints. The need is not intense enough to justify a reach on the subjectively overrated Ridley.

17.) Chargers Select: DT Daron Payne

The Chargers would love to have Derwin James slip here so Gus Bradley can get his “Kam Chancellor” (How long will sports writers carry on the narrative that any former defensive coordinator of the Seahawks wants to draft carbon copies of their 2013 players to assume a “Legion of Boom?” Who knows, but I am going to do it forever because it makes sense to and it is the right thing to do.)

Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are the best young pass-rushing duo in the league, and by adding an interior rusher, opposing offensive lines will only be able to allocate so many resources towards stopping the blitz. This is a ripple move pick that also improves a poor run defense that cost the Chargers a few games last year. Payne is solid, and showed in this years College Football Playoffs that he isn’t afraid of the spotlight and can make a big play if he needs to. This scenario makes me feel great, and if the world really is my oyster as some “people” (jeff) have been telling me, it will happen.

18.) Seattle Seahawks: CB Josh Jackson

I like Jaire Alexander more than Jackson, but Jackson fits the cover 3 press zone coverage scheme of the aforementioned Legion of Boom that Seattle is clinging to more than anybody. After releasing Richard Sherman, they need a long bodied ball hawk who can match up with the other teams no. 1 WR. Jackson is not the most explosive athlete in the draft, but he led the NCAA with 8 interceptions last year and will make up for his lack of deep speed with good instincts sticky coverage style. Jackson reminds me of a less talented Marcus Peters with less off-field issues.

19.) Cowboys Select: WR D.J. Moore

Jerry Jones has been moving away from flashy Al-Davis style draft picks, and more towards a mature BPA (See: passing on Johnny Manziel to draft OL Zach Martin) approach. The Cowboys recently cut Dez Bryant, and although they could use a new player at almost every position on defense, they pick the best WR in the draft. Coming out of Maryland, D.J. Moore has the height/weight/speed of an elite prospect but lacked elite production due to playing in a stagnant college offense with poor quarterback play at University of Maryland. This makes him somewhat of a well kept secret, and the Cowboys are eager to unleash him as one of those “better in the pros than in college” guys.

20.) Lions Select: RB Derrius Guice

“The Lions haven’t had a 1,000 yard rusher since Flubber was in theatres. I feel old. 90’s Kids, can we get 50 Likes?? *monkey covering eyes emoji*”

Guice is an underrated prospect. He is probably one of the most physical, “pure” runners I have seen in the past few classes. He is a big dinged up after logging a ton of carries in college, but he is absolutely ready to start day 1 and give lions OC Jim Bob Cooter the elusive gift of a multi-dimensional offense. He’s tough, powers through contact, and is a Big Dog “Get That Man Back in the Doghouse” award recipient for 2018, and honestly for life. Can’t get enough of this guy, and we’re happy he’s hypothetically sliding into the perfect situation.

21.) Bengals select: G Isiaah Wynn

“All I-siah Wynn Wynn Wynn No Matter What” - Kevin Costner’s posted note, a parallel universe draft day in a galaxy far far away.

The Bengals already acquired talented LT Cordy Glenn from the Bills in a trade, but could afford to double down on the position while also taking the best player available. Wynn is slept on by many GM’s but he has an extremely bright future as a guard and even possibly a left tackle in the NFL. He has outstanding traits and is exactly what you want in a prospect. Knowing Marvin Lewis he will pick a big-school defender with off field issues and then coach him into performing at 75% potential for four years until he leaves Cincinnati to go sign with a new team. Bengals are tricky because I don’t know whether to label them #LowKeyDisfunctional, as one of the most helpless teams in the league that put on the facade of being occasionally competitive (like a bridge that looks nice but could collapse at any second), or to actually label them #LowKeyFunctional and say that they are only a piece or two away from perennial contendership. But hey, its Mock Draft season so let\'s save that stress for when September ends.

22.) Giants (from trade) - LB Rashaan Evans

The Giants don’t need to double up on defense, but they do need a rangy dominant linebacker to lead the defense. Rashaan Evans is a legit, game calling Mike linebacker, who will team up with former Alabama teammates Dalvin Tomlinson and Landon Collins to make the Giants defense an Area 51 “No Fly Zone.” The Giants realistically could add a RB here, or one of the talented interior offensive line positions, but Evans is a rare player who will not be available in every draft.

23.) Patriots - LB Leighton Vander Esch

A “one year wonder” in 2017 who had injury concerns in the past, LVE’s film from this year shows a game changing linebacker with intelligence. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, but something about him screams “Bill Belichick draft me!” Luckily for us “lovers of all thing right” in the universe, the Patriots really need a linebacker to play next to Donta Hightower and LVE will get the job done and take it to the next level! Nothing gets me going line some good LB tape and LVE has got it by the F-350. Call up the Baha Men, because a lot of people are going to be asking: …”Who let this dog out?”

24.) Panthers: CB Mike Hughes

After cutting ties with Josh Norman, the Panthers never really committed to restocking the CB room with legitimate starting talent. Playing in an explosive division with a lot of receiving talent, the Panthers draft a player who has the physical tools to develop into a shutdown on the boundary. Hughes will most likely have a rocky start in the NFL due to unrefined technique, but if he can stay confident through that and evolve his game he will be a top corner.

25.) Titans - OLB Harold Landry

Landry is the second best “Pure pass rusher” in this class, and new HC Vrabel is happy to add a front seven guy to his team. Landry is a steal at 25, and the Titans are developing into a roster with few holes (on paper) and theoretically adding a beefed-up Harold Landry could take their defense to the next level. Landry is a high-motor player who is not a shockingly athletic specimen, but wins with speed and finesse. Have heard from top college tackle prospects that Landry was “significantly” harder to block than former first round pick DE Taco Charlton.

26.) Falcons - DT Taven Bryan

Another “better pro than in college guy”, Taven Brown could have a huge future as a twitched up interior pass-rusher in Dan Quinn’s Southern adaptation of the Legion of Boom. The Falcons cap-situation put them in a bit of a pickle when it came to retaining all of their d-line talent from their super bowl run, but they can actually improve the position by taking this game wrecker. Plays a little stiff sometimes, and lacks “instincts”, but in a scheme where he is a free stallion allowed to roam the plains, he will turn into a good one matey. Arggh!

27.) Saints - TE Mike Geliski

Hayden Hurst was labeled as the drafts top TE for most of the pre-draft process, but methinks Geliski will be the first off the board. His height/speed combination has to be reminiscent of Jimmy Graham for HC Sean Payton, and with Drew Brees having only a few waning years of greatness left, it makes sense to add what Brees has traditionally had the most success with: Big, fast, redzone targets. The Saints had a phenomenal draft last year and actually find themselves in a draft situation where they can make luxury picks, rather than scraping to address holes. Still, I would not be surprised if the Saints invested this pick on an OL they covet like C James Daniels or G/C Billy Price.

28.) Steelers - CB Jaire Alexander

Jaire Alexander is my favorite CB in this draft behind Denzel Ward. The Steelers recently had a tough break with All-star LB Ryan Shazier suffering a potentially career-ending injury, and they could look to draft a similar player here, such as Texas LB Malik Jackson, but the Steelers have been swinging and missing on CB’s for too long to give up now. Jaire Alexander will provide a physical and athletic presence outside the numbers and give Pittsburgh\'s pass-rush more time to get to the quarterback. Steelers seem to always luck into efficient players, and I cannot imagine them passing on Alexander if he is available.

29.) Jaguars - WR Calvin Ridley

The Jaguars are the most talented team in the league. They hoard many of the NFL’s best defenders on one roster, and have gone from perennial-joke to young powerhouse in a matter of 5 years. This rebuild is one of the more successful ones in recent memory, and to continue to build on 2017’s success the team must ensure QB Blake Bortles has another productive season. To do this, they must take a swing on the Alabama possession receiver to replace departed WR’s named Allen (Robinson and Hurns). Tom Coughlin is calling the shots in Jacksonville, and as an old school guy he is more comfortable picking players from powerhouse teams like Alabama and Ohio State. Ridley will be a solid no.2 receiver in the league.

30.) Vikings - C James Daniels
I was really tempted to mock G/C Billy Price here, and go with the narrative that he would be playing next to former Ohio State O-lineman Pat Eiflin. However, looking at my big board, if an interior lineman were to be picked here it must be James Daniels. Daniels is the best pure center in the draft, a full package in terms of physical and fast, but also experience in a pro-style offense and making protection calls. The Vikings really don’t have many glaring needs, but an improved offensive line would not only open up holes for RB Dalvin Cook but also make life easier for new QB Kirk Cousins. For Vikings, it is super bowl or bust. Here is my mock-draft NFC Championship predictor: Vikings and Rams. Feels inevitable.

31.) Patriots - T Kolton Miller

Miller had a great 3 cone time, and the Patriots don’t have a starting right or left tackle. Patriots O-line coach Dante Sarnache is old school and likes guys from pro-style offenses, but this pick makes a ton of sense here. Picking a tackle in the first round does not feel very Patriots to me, but with 2 day 1 picks they can afford to try on different identities. Tom Brady needs blockers if he is going to play until he is 100, and the Patriots need to seize opportunities to prolong his career by any means possible. Injecting Brady with stem cells, deflating footballs, and drafting O lineman are definitely in the Top 5 of “ways to prolong his career” power rankings.

32.) Eagles - S Ronnie Harrison

The Eagles could draft Georgia RB Sony Michel here, but the Eagles are not hurting at RB and there is opportunities for depth at the position later in the draft. Safety Ronnie Harrison is a sneaky pick here. The Eagles defense is already among one of the most dominant in the league, but GM Howie Roseman has displayed that he will not be complacent when it comes to acquiring new talent. Malcom Jenkins is a stud and is the “heart and soul” of this defense, and Ronnie Harrison is a solid, no red-flags prospect who can come in an play special teams, or start right away alongside Jenkins and learn under his tutelage. Either way, the Eagles are sitting pretty and could even trade this pick, because that\'s how non-needy they are (and thats what makes them so powerful.)

Anyways, thanks for sticking around this long for the folks still reading. Happy Draft Day everybody, and I’ll see you again next year.

It’s been real,

Big Dog.