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Top 10 Landing Spots for Current Free Agents

Albert Mattheis
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Austin Vershel I think the Jets will be happy rolling out rookie Jordan Leggett to develop. Barnidge would be a great fit in Arizona. I love Levy and he was an awesome player, but he hasn't played in nearly 3 years. I really want Sheldon Richardson on the Lions even for one year.
Albert Mattheis Leggett is an unknown and the offense needs to add a veteran pass-catcher. Barnidge would be not only a good fit but also an upgrade for over half of the teams in the league, the Jets are my favorite landing spot for him. Sheldon Richardson would be a great add for the Lions talent wise, but it's important that he goes to a team with a strong veteran leadership in the locker room. Can't let him have an impact over the team culture, he's allegedly a huge chemistry-poison.
Austin Vershel Also, it should be noted that Richardson is in the final year of his loaded contract. Any team that tries to trade for him must be sure that they can re-sign him.
Austin Vershel I also believe that the Saints won't be in the market for a QB. They have Luke McCown and he might get cut in favor of recently signed Chase Daniels who is pretty good.
Tony Garcia damn, imagine Richardson to the patriots
Albert Mattheis @Austin Chase Daniels isn't a starter bro @Tony Would be scary, Right? Almost makes too much sense for it to happen. He's in the last year of his contract, so whatever team hypothetically trades for him would have to be confident that they could resign him next off-season.