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The Chargers Drafting Phillip Rivers a Complete Offense: a Rhyme Behind the Reason?

Albert Mattheis
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Austin Vershel Firstly, the CB you are thinking of is Casey Heyward, who recently appeared on the NFL Top 100 Players countdown. Secondly, with the strong young core and the pieces that they have added this offseason, it seems to me like the Chargers are looking to compete now before their window closes with Rivers. While a Rivers Super Bowl seems unlikely, by the time he retires and a young QB is chosen and groomed, their young core will not be so young anymore. Players like Bosa and Henry will be on their second contract which is not garunteed to be with the Chargers. With the Broncos tailing off without a QB, and the Chiefs plateuing with Alex Smith, It is only the Raiders that stand in their way in the AFC West. Atleast on paper, the Chargers seem to match up with the Raiders favorably considering the Raiders cant defend the run or the pass.