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NBA Finals Game 1 Recap: Warrriorrrrs

Brendt Pates
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Austin Vershel It is crazy how good Tristan Thompson looked at the beggining of the game vs how bad he looked at the end. Outside of their big 3 and maybe Kyle Korver, Cleveland has very little talent from starters to the end of the bench. J.R. is always high, but Klay was on some next level shit. Started 0-9 from the field? That is bad. However, Klay was like a white Kawhii Leonard last night, as he was the only person able to stop Lebron from making layups in the entire playoffs.
Matt Kissler That game made me realize that even with the GOAT running his team, the warriors are much more talented at all levels of the game. It can be a 7 game series but Lebron will have to have the finals of his fucking life.