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Season Predictions: Cleveland Browns

Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel I cant stop thinking about the Browns draft. What a wasted opportunity. Firstly, they shouldve taken a QB first overall. An edge rusher wont end the draught they are in. Secondly, they should have taken dalvin cook with one of their other first round picks, instead of rolling into next season with a great offensive line and yikes Crowell and DJJr
Kyle Kunert Yeah, I was always hoping they would have taken a Christian McCaffrey if he slid to them or possibly landing a dynamic corner in Lattimore with the second pick. I don't really blame them though on the Garrett pick since he was bar none the clear cut number one prospect. Say they passed on him and landed a quarterback who bombs and he went on to have a great career. They would never have been able to live that down. I think they were sort of forced to pick him.