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Season Predictions: New York Jets

Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel The Hack pick looks worse and worse as the days go by. He is just awful. As bad as mccown has reportedly been in camp this year, though, we might get to see Hack start a few games. If I was Todd Bowles, Im starting Hack this year just to assure myself the first overall pick.
Kyle Kunert I always thought starting last season that they should have just started the season with Bryce Petty or Hackenberg instead of resigning Fitzpatrick who clearly had a career year the season prior. Even when they did have him and noticeably played poorly they should have just made the move what's the point of moving forward with an old quarterback on a rebuilding team. Might as well find out who can actually possibly start. Side Note: They want to tank to land Sam Darnold with the first pick, but only as a redshirt sophomore I highly doubt he will leave a great gig at USC to be drafted by the dysfunctional Jets.
Albert Mattheis Allen from Wyoming or Rosen from UCLA wouldn't be a bad consolation prize if Darnold stays. I agree that the Jets should roll out Hack this year, but also give Bryce Petty some time. If nothing else for peace of mind and assurance that neither are the answer. Sucks investing draft capital into shitty players but hey thats life right.
Kyle Kunert Most definitely, but I mean both of the young quarterbacks had some promise to them coming out of college. Heck, Hack was the number one pick prior to the 2016 season. I guess, they should roll with Hack who was a more highly touted college player and if he flat out fails why not give Petty a shot. I partially believe they messed up last year when they went out and brought back Fitz to go along with other older guys like Forte and Marshall expecting another year of success. The GM should have known that this team was not ready to be a true contender last season.