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Season Predictions: Carolina Panthers

Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel I love what Curtis Samuel brings to the team. A younger, cheaper Tedd Ginn. Carolina better hope Taylor Moton is actually good because opening the season with Ryan Kalil at left tackle is a recipe for disaster.
Kyle Kunert Absolutely, agree with the Moton assessment. I mean he probably won't be a left tackle, but at the very least be a solid right tackle to make it one less weak point on a poor o-line. I also, think Samuel can be a better Ginn since the former first rounder was never able to catch a football like a natural receiver.
Albert Mattheis I was confused when the Panthers didn't address O line earlier, and like you guys think they better hope for something good out of Moton. Samuels will be pretty good, I think in other drafts he would have been looked at as a better talent. The decision to draft 2 gadget type offensive weapons back 2 back shows an interesting strategy of giving Cam an external supporting cast vs. maybe the more conventional logic of building an internal cast (O linemen somewhere in the top 40) Either way, I like the Panthers intrigue this year. Will be cool to see if Cam is able to return to MVP form