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Season Predictions: Washington Redskins

Kyle Kunert
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Albert Mattheis Josh Harvey Clemons actually worked as a 3rd team ILB for all of training camp. As a huge Redskins fan I think you hit a lot of nails on their respective head, with the exception of the touchy issue of ceasing fandom in the event that Kirk leaves. I always saw Ryan Anderson as kind of the Yin to Tim Williams Yang. Williams had the gifts, and just didn't have the heart or effort. Anderson is under-athletic by a lot of modern day standards, yet somehow always finds a way to end up near the ball. I'm a McCloughan die-hard and even though we fired him a week or so after the NFL Combine, in a twitter Q and A the other day somebody asked "How close did the Redskins stick to your draft board" and he said "To a T except for one pick." I've been wondering who the pick was, but i doubt it was Perine. Perine has McCloughan written all over him. You, and a lot of other people I know are high on him, especially as a value pick in the 4th round, but if last Thursdays preseason opener was any indicator (which it rarely is, but I digress) than I would like Perine to start taking Adderall before games or something because he was playing like an idiot. Also Sua Cravens is real good hes just hurt all the time and kinda a diva. Awesome ball skills though, safety is his natural position.
Kyle Kunert I really, really liked McCloughan and his generally good ability to draft solid players. (Outside of Josh Doctson who I can see turning into a bust.) I made this pick prior to the preseason and I rarely honestly watch any outside of the Bears in clips. Under coach Jay Gruden they have been reluctant to really give the complete reigns to rookies as a full time starter at most positions and running back being one of them. Even if Perine is a bit slow to develop I can easily see him beating out the larger Rob Kelley. I also assumed Harvey-Clemons might have been moved to linebacker, but I thought that's what they were doing with Cravens so it may look like they are trying to push the former Trojan. I think that one guy may have been maybe Moreau or Nicholson due to their rawness he seemed to like real collegiate producers.
Kyle Kunert Also, about fans giving up on the Redskins is just how I would feel if I were a fan if they got rid of Kirk. Not saying he is the best in the league and probably just outside of being a top 10 quarterback, but he is by far the best this franchise has had since maybe Joe Theismann. It would be a big kick to the nuts if you were a fan. I think the problem is everyone labeled Kirk as the back up and RG3 the franchise when they got drafted. Now the owner and front office have a hard time wrapping their minds around Kirk being the franchise and RG3 being a failure after giving up so much to get him.