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Looking Ahead: Top 5 2018 NFL Head Coaching Candidates

Austin Vershel
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Kyle Kunert A big college name to look out for is David Shaw. He has accomplished a ton out in Stanford with restricted academics and still finds ways to be successful. Word on the street is he may be a favorite for the Colts job to reunite with his former pupil Andrew Luck.
Austin Vershel Shaw is good, but is he NFL good? It is a fact that most NFL coaches come from the NFL rather than college. Plus, he has already lost a game this season. I guess we will see.
Austin Vershel By the way, I saw that you have the Lions picking 12th in your mock draft, 1 pick before the Bears at 13. Dont forget #WeOwnTheBears
Kyle Kunert Haha, I did, but they have the same record in my mock up so you can flip them either way.
Kyle Kunert Also, I know it's not often lately of college coaches going to the NFL and having success. However, I think Shaw to the Colts just makes too much sense. Plus, he is a Harbaugh disciple so he probably has more ability to move up and be fine than other college coaches.
Tony Garcia I still have no idea how Matt Patricia is still Patriots defensive coordinator. He's been with the Pats for so long that you would think an NFL team would be interested in him .
Austin Vershel The Bill O Brian effect. Theres a negative stigma around NE coordinators.
Kyle Kunert Same as Romeo Crennell, Eric Mangini, Josh McDaniels, and Bill O'Brien. pPus coaching under Belichick I heard is kind of nice so why leave if you keep comfortably winning and enjoy the guy you work under.