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Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel I still think Rosen, Allen, and Darnold are the cream of the crop, even if they have not performed like it so far. Of the 3, I like Rosen to be the best.
Austin Vershel Jury is out for me on Lamar Jackson. My guess: Late 1st.
Kyle Kunert Go figure I talk up Fitzgerald and he goes and lays an egg. I agree with those three are gathering a lot of the headlines. To me Darnold is the best due to his level head and size. Rosen to me is a guy who's going care more about stuff off the field than on it. He has the best talent however, to me it depends on where he lands. Jackson, will definitely be given a shot due to his athleticism and tantalizing skill set to be a quarterback. Ultimately, I think he will end up being a receiver.
Austin Vershel A Failed receiver*