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NFL Season Awards Projections - Week 6

Austin Vershel
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Kyle Kunert I know you're a Lions homer, but a standard inside linebacker most likely will not win the rookie of the year award for defense. I think it is Myles Garrett's to lose where he already created a bunch of splash plays in his first game. If he continues to do that throughout the rest of the year he will runaway with the award. If not I think Jamal Adams has a leg up on Davis just by his presence in a bigger media market and the hype that surrounded him coming into the NFL. Plus, he has made a terrible Jets roster somewhat competitive. I'm also not sure Goff wins comeback player of the year it's not like he missed a year he just developed more. Maybe Keenan Allen of the Chargers if the team can gather some wins, possibly Gronk if he finishes strong, or maybe Cam Newton who has looked good after a terrible year last year.
Kyle Kunert Also, how is Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith not getting considerations for the MVP who I think are both more deserving than Brady this year so far.
Austin Vershel Myles Garrett has only played 1 game through 5 weeks. Simply put... he doesnt have the stats. I think Jamal Adams has played quite well BUT he hasnt impacted his teams defense as they rank worse in DVOA then they did last year. I dont think Smith is deserving of the award, and I dont think (hopefully) that Rodgers can maintain his health all season long.
Austin Vershel Also, since 2000 season, 8/16 DROY have been Off Ball Linebackers. From Brian Urlacher to Brian Cushing
Kyle Kunert I know Garrett only played one game so far, but so did Joey Bosa at this point last year so you never know. How is Smith not deserving of the award he has a completion percentage of 76%, 1391 yards, 11 td to 0 picks so far. Brady has more yards than Smith, but that's out of necessity of playing with a bad defense. If the Chiefs end the year with the better record than the Patriots he fully deserves the MVP award.
Austin Vershel Why should Smith get it in that case? Chiefs have a great defense, great o line, and great running game. Brady has none of that to the same level as Smith.