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Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel Your Packers analysis is spot on. Leave it to GB to wind up with a top 10 draft pick and acquire a player that can completely turn their defense around.... FTP
Albert Mattheis Love how you attribute Darnold with the "it" factor. Couldn't agree more.
Austin Vershel Darnold is ass and news just broke today that he is going to stay in school instead of declaring for the draft.
Kyle Kunert I really like darnold because of his size, maturity, and ability to make clutch plays. However, I did think going back to USC was the smart move for him due to his young age and rawness as an overall quarterback. I like him a lot more than rosen though due to the bruins attitude and thin frame. It'll be interesting to see who emerges as the top qb. I'm not a fan of his but I can see Lamar Jackson going first due to his huge upside if he continues to improve his accuracy like he has this year.
Albert Mattheis I think the Lamar Jackson - Vick comparison is pretty spot on. I think some GM's and scouts have an accidentally racist attitude towards QB's because the historically great ones have been 6'5 White guys so they think if a QB is gonna be great he has to fit that frame, but I think recent guys like Russel Wilson and Deshaun Watson are showing that black QB's can be more than "mobile guys." The jury is still out for me as to whether or not Lamar Jackson will translate well to the NFL. He's insanely productive in the NCAA obviously and has been showing an increase in poise and accuracy, but I still think a lot of his game is better suited for college because you can't straight up carry the ball 15-20 times a game as a QB and expect not to get hurt or run down at some point
Albert Mattheis Nonetheless I think a team will absolutely swing on Jackson in the first round for his upside, and could end up getting a game changer. But me, I would probably rather have a Josh Allen if both were available in the same spot.
Kyle Kunert Josh Allen is over hyped in my opinion. I understand he has talent and plays on a lower program for people to give him an excuse. However, if you're that good at a lower level you should be dominating no matter the talent around you. Like Big Ben at Miami-Ohio, Brees at Purdue, Rivers at N.C. State, and hell even Bortles looked great at UCF. Allen has looked terrible this year and I would be very surprised he stays in the first round with some many question marks.