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Early 2018 Mock Draft

Albert Mattheis
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Austin Vershel If the Giants continue to suck their way into a top 10 pick, there is no way they pass on a qb if one is available imo. Also can't see a guard being taken that high, even if they plan to move him to tackle. I agree with your reasoning behind most other picks though, but the Vikings picking at 30 is preposterous.
Albert Mattheis Maybe. It really depends on how content they are with Davis Webb, but you're probably right. Also, some of the draft order is preposterous, I agree. I used a mid-season draft order calculator.
Kyle Kunert I love Nelson as much as the next guy, but his teammate McGlinchey the tackle is more likely to go top five than him at guard. I think the Giants could pass on a qb if Barkley is there for them, which could happen if the 49ers can't get Cousins as their qb. I also do not think Orlando Brown goes that high as he is strictly a right tackle with his limited athleticism. Otherwise, the rest of the mock seems well thought out for one made months before the real thing.