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Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel You're right, I do hate the linebacking ranking :) Just kidding. I may have jumped the gun (and showed my bias) when i picked Jarrad Davis for DROY. Tre'Davious White seems to have locked that up with an amazing last two games. My only major discrepency is Marhson Lattimore being ranked over TW, but I understand why many people think that as well.
Kyle Kunert Tre'Davious White has been a lot better than I expected, but I think his numbers are a tad inflated with teams targeting him a lot. However, Lattimore has been so good that teams are already trying to avoid him in the passing game. The DROY award is going to be a tight one I think between Watt, TW, Lattimore, and maybe Garrett if he can just stay on the field.