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Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel I cant wait to get into this further, but I love both the value and the fits for many of these picks. This class looks to be strong at QB, DB, and OL from this moment. My biggest take away is that no way Cleveland passes on a QB and leaves themselves in QB purgatory. Plus, following the McCarran drama, I can't imagine that Hue or the front office will be there next season. As Walter Football says, New regimes mean new quarterbacks.
Kyle Kunert I understand that, but I think this team is going to be stuck in purgatory for a long time. I doubt they take a top quarterback and probably end up trading down again. Unless, they absolutely finally figure it out and decide to take Rosen or someone. If not I doubt they take another 2nd round qb like Kizer and just stick with him for another season. I wouldn't say this class is strong at any of those spots really. Yes, there's top guys at all three like at qb (Rosen, Jackson, Allen), DB (James, Fitzpatrick), and at OL (the two ND blockers). Overall, I think this draft has a handful of blue chip prospects like those mentioned and some notable pass rushers and linebackers. I do like the defensive tackles in this draft more than seasons prior and could be a stand out group.
Austin Vershel I think Malik Jefferson, when its all said and done, will wind up a first or early second round pick. I havent watched enough ND games to know the value of the 2 lineman, but transitioning from guard to tackle is no easy task. I hope that all 3 (or 4) top qbs in this class turn out to be successful first round picks... the league could certainly use an influx of talented young passers.