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Fixing the Browns

Austin Vershel
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Kyle Kunert Nice summary, and you make some excellent points, but some ideas need some fixes. Hue Jackson deserves to stay his teams generally have not been blown out this year as often as people say. If it was up to Jackson he would have drafted Carson Wentz who he wanted in 2016 or this year he wanted Deshaun Watson. Hell, if they could have gotten him A.J. McCarron at least that could have proven some what fruitful instead of Kizer who no one thought was ready. So, one more year is not bad. As for the draft and free agency, I would flip it where they go after a corner in free agency and safety in the draft. Minkah Fitzpatrick should be there at 6 or Derwin James at worst (which really it isn't, but for the scheme fit). Fitzpatrick is a better fit with Peppers than Reid is since he can play in coverage better where Reid and Peppers are better in the box. In free agency, going after Trumaine Johnson, Nickell Robey-Colemand, Jonathan Joseph, or Malcolm Butler would be a better route. Also, gotta admit relying on Josh Gordon is a big if. Even though I am rooting for him I would definitely look for someone in free agency. I don't know if it's Terrell Pryor though since I think he kind of had a good convergence of circumstances to be that good in 2016.
Tony Garcia Browns need to copy 49ers formula in just starting fresh with a young GM and young head coach. but at the end the browns just seem like a cursed team
Austin Vershel Agreed with both of you. The Browns passed up 3 franchise QBs in Wentz, DeShaun Watson, and Jimmy G. Hopefully Rosen will pan out for them.
Austin Vershel Also dont forget that they screwed up their chance to grab AJ McCarron.