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Mock Draft: 1/25

Kyle Kunert
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Albert Mattheis Love Payne to the Chargers. That's all they need to take their pass rush to the next level. Liuget is good but can't get it done. If teams have to account for somebody like Payne in the middle then Bosa and Ingram can get good matchups all day. I think Tremaine Edmunds ends up going a lot higher but everything else seems great. Seems like the Seahawks have gone D Line with their first two picks these past couple of years but I think Seattle is one of the best landing spots for Key.
Kyle Kunert Off ball linebackers don't really do it for me and I consider it a lesser position now a days which is why I have Edmunds lower. Yeah, the Chargers have the best roster in my opinion and bringing in Payne could just be the missing piece. Well besides a kicker, but there's no Sebastian Janikowskis in this draft lol.