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2018 NFL Mock Draft: 2/16

Austin Vershel
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Scoot no Kerryon Johnson? might be third best running back in draft
Kyle Kunert This running back class is too good for that many to go this early. Every year people think they will go sooner, but drop due to more pressing and shallower positions of need elsewhere. I also, cannot see the Bills drafting Lamar Jackson, who is a lot like Tyrod Taylor who they hate. I think they want a pocket passing qb. I also, think Josh Allen goes to the Jets with how much they love him.
Austin Vershel Hi Kyle. I would argue the opposite. Last year when McCaffrey went top 10 I realized teams donít wait for RBs anymore. 4 top tier RBs this year. Barkley Guice Jones Michel. Would venture that at least 3 go in the first round this year.
Kyle Kunert I venture that will not happen with the success Alvin Kamara had as a third round back proving yet again you can land a top back later in the draft. The only thing I can see making them rise is that this is a relatively weak draft. Allowing a strong position like the running backs to go where their talent should higher in the draft. However, the opposite could be true again as teams reach for a player on the edge or secondary over a running back since those positions are so shallow. I think McCaffrey was an outlier since he was more than just a running back.
Albert Mattheis Hi guys ^ to weigh in somewhere in the middle: it's a copycat league and teams saw how successful the Saints offense was with a dynamic back like Kamara in the fold, and could look to over value the speedy-pass catching back. I think it is likely that all 4 of the top RB's go in the first round, but improbable that Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph go in the first. Even the top QB prospects in this draft are sort of overrated (imo) but the next tier guys don't have the intangibles to seperate them from mid-round guys like Kyle Lauretta (sp). Lamar Jackson obviously has game-breaking speed as a runner but drafting high on athleticism and then depending on development is high-risk high-reward but usually ends up looking like a mistake in hind sight.