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Notes From Around the NFL: 2/20

Austin Vershel
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Albert Mattheis After signing Trai Turner to that mega deal the Panthers don't have a ton of cap room, and if they franchise/extend Norwell they would have over $100m invested at the guard position. Agree that you should resign homegrown talent though. DJ Swearinger said Cousins will go to Denver. Not a ton of credibility from him but he is a former teamater fwiw. Also, I generally agree with your list of "not interested", except the lack of love for the Bama players + Sam Hubbard.
Austin Vershel Cap space is a good point, failed to mention the Panthers also signed Matt Kalil to a big contract. That being said, each of those guys is making less than 7 million per year and the combined cap percentage of the entire offensive line would be 20 percent of the cap. However, Cam Newton took the 4th most sacks in the league this year, and losing Norwell would be a blow to the running game as well. Carolina could resign Norwell to 8 per year and still have almost 10 mil in cap room this season, with very few expiring deals next season.