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NFL Draft Rants: First Round Running Backs

Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel This was great work Kyle. Nice research. The truth is that there exists a happy medium between great OL and great RB. Cowboys had essentially the same great OL in 2015 as they did in 2016. The addition of Zeke improved their run totals by over 400 yards. Consider 8 rush TDs in 2015, meanwhile in 2016 the Boys had 24 TDs. So was Zeke worth the equivalent of 400 yards and 16 rush TDs to the team? Time of possession is a great indicator of the offense controlling the ball and shielding their defense vs having a replacement level run game. The average length of drive only increased be a mesely 3 seconds. The most important stat is winning, and the Boys went from 4 wins to 13 wins in one season without signing any big name free agents. In conclusion, I believe that drafting RBs high is worth it in some cases, but in reality each situation is completely unique and the draft is just a crap shoot. End rant.
Kyle Kunert Yes, I think the Cowboys getting him made a ton of sense. Since they did have a ready made offense, but they also got extremely lucky landing Dak Prescott in that same draft who helped keep defenses honest. They still were forced to pass on players like Jalen Ramsey, and DeForest Buckner who have been top players at arguably more valuable positions. Also, the Cowboys did have the benefit of facing off with a last place schedule last season that helped them get that jump in wins.
Austin Vershel The main argument in this unique situation is Zeke vs Jalen Ramsey. Think in retrospect, Ramsey would have been the far superior pick since Hunt and Kamara are recent late round successes.
Kyle Kunert Jordan Howard was the 2nd leading rusher last year from the same draft as Zeke so yeah. However, the draft is a crap shoot of chance in the end.