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A Mid-Summers Draft

Kyle Kunert
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Austin Vershel Man, you are really low on this years QB class, huh? I am very impressed with your knowledge of prospects and believe that you are spot on about Nick Bosa and Ed Oliver being generational talents. That being said, since 1997 there has only been 1 instance of a QB not being taken in the top 3 of the NFL draft. I think we\'ll see a meteoric rise from Clayton Thorson, Shae Patterson, or Drew Lock.
Kyle Kunert It\'s not that I don\'t love the quarterbacks, but it\'s just the other talents like Bosa, Oliver, Lawrence, Gary, and Brown are all All-Pro caliber defensive talents that are better players than the qbs. Plus, it will be interesting to see if teams like the Dolphin, Bengals, Bucs, or even your Lions begin to look in a new direction at quarterback or stick with the status quo hoping next years class is better. There was a lot of rumors on why so many teams were jumping for the 2018 class of qbs had more to do with how bad this upcoming class is over how good the talent actually was in 2018. I do love Thorson among the qbs of this class, but the little hype around him seems a tad interesting seeing how talented I believe he is. Might, just be too soon in the process.