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The Life & Death of Grand Maester Pycelle

Austin Vershel

What a year it has been for Westeros and the Game of Thrones universe. With so much action packed into ten episodes, we can sum it up by saying that once again, it has come down to the Starks, the Lannisters, and the Targaryens.

We lost many of the shows most exciting and amazing characters/direwolfs this season, and are still not involved in the "Battles yet to Come". I'm not going to talk about the deaths of great characters such as Ramsey and Margery, but there is a special obituary I would like to make for a special character.

I don't claim to be a Game of Thrones expert, but with a little Googling and Wikipediaing, I was able to find some information regarding the death of my favorite character: Grand Maester Pycelle.

In season 2 (Side note: I don't actually know what season this is from. Just go with it.) We see many clips of Grand Maester Pycelle moving around swiftly and niimbly. The video above shows him doing a dance routine to stretch and start his day. Preceeding this season is Grand Maester Pycelle slapping cheeks with what one can only assume is a prostitute (shout out to Littlefinger). This scene is followed by Maester Pycelle responding to a knock on his door by shuffling at approximately 0.0055 MPH as he assumes this charade as a slow, old man.

The Grand Maester of Kings landing will always be remembered for his slow shuffles away making scenes extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Conversely, the best scene with Maester Pycelle (R.I.P) is him cutting the cheese after encountering The Mountain.

So why does Maester Pycelle put on this little charade? At one point it was theorized he was a "Red Woman" like Melisandre except in reverse. Check out this deleted scene that explains what makes Pycelle who he is.

Turns out, he is just a weird, kind of creepy guy that doesn't want to get fired. We can all relate to that. Kind of like Kevin from the office. Anyways, R.I.P to the G.O.A.T Grand Maester Pycelle.