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Pretty Good Blog - Nov 16

Austin Vershel

55 of the Week

California Proposition 55
California Prop. 55 is actually an Income Tax Increase Initiative, but for the sake of my argument (and the lack of governmental 55's), it is more representative of the results of this past election where 8 states voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Who wants to bet that their economies shoot up in a similar fashion to Denver's? More importantly, now that these elections are finalized it feels like everything can go back to normal. Whatever normal is.

Total Versh Move

So I flew from Tampa to Charlotte and I'm going from Charlotte to Charlottesville. My flight to Charlottesville from Charlotte leaving in 15 minutes but I had left my $200 sunglasses on my first plane. So I sprinted to my old gate and was yelling at the flight attendant(who was very cool about it, shout out Delta) to let me look for them but I didn't find them so I was pissed and ran back to my gate. I called Oakley before the plane took off to check if my warranty covered me losing them and while I was on hold I realized that they were on top of my head the whole time.

TV Show/Movie of the Week

Silicon Valley
The best show I have seen in a long time. An awkwardly hilarious tech start up goes through all the trials and tribulations that companies like Apple dealt with. It shows how you only need one good idea to make it big, and how once you make it big many people try to tear you down. While this show does appeal to my nerdishness, it is intellectually similar to Big Bang Theory in that you don't have to understand astrophysics to enjoy the humor.

5.5 I Learned this Week

1. That's first place in the NFC North Detroit Lions to you, Sir!
2. As good as 'Bama is, and as bad as the Browns are, the Browns would still defeat the Tide in a blowout if they ever played.
3. If we don't get Lamar Jackson vs the Alabama defense I think we need to reformat the playoffs.
4. Fantasy Football is stupid. I lost a matchup in my JMU league by .08 points
5. As I approach graduation, I realize what a scam life is. You go through school for 16 years or so and then you are expected to go out and work 40 hours a week right away.
5.5 But you can't not work, because everything cost money. I am trying to find a place to work where those 40 hours a week will be as fun as the last 4 years of college.

Mortal Lock of the Week

Dallas Cowboys (-7.5) vs. Baltimore Ravens. Not much needs to be said here. Ravens have one of the worst front 7s in the NFL.

Twitter Post of the Week


'The Black Album.' 13 years ago today.

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) November 14, 2016