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Michael B Jordan (Creed jr) gets KO'd

Austin Vershel

No way this is real... right? RIGHT?!? Has to be some kind of publicity stunt. Either way, I am HYPED to go see Creed(and by "go see" I mean until I find an illegal stream). There was public outrage for Rocky V and Rocky VI when it was known that Sylvester Stallone would merely be coaching in the Micky role instead of being in the ring... Oh how times have changed. Now, on the contrary, everybody wants to see this Michael [No MIddle Initial] Jordan duplicate the 'Rocky' role in maybe the best movie series of all time. And even I find myself wanting there to be a continuance of maybe five more Creed movies! With that being said, here are my Power Rankings of Rocky I-IV: 1.Rocky III, 2.Rocky I, 3.Rocky IV, 4.Rocky II